Taste and smell gone forever? The anguish of COVID survivors

By Catherine TRIOMPHE

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This is a very serious problem, and that is affecting too many people thanks to the pandemic, it greatly reduces the quality of life of the sufferers and there is not real treatment for it, so the patients have to live with the added stress that most of the time they cannot do anything to improve their chances to go back to a normal life.

Then they have to deal with science deniers dismissing this as if it was nothing much (I mean, if they dismiss close to 3 million deaths...) or bitterly complain how these reports are just "fearmongering from the media". It is a shame that people without empathy nor social responsibility are so fixed into hiding these kind of news simply because they help proving COVID-19 is not a benign cold as they try to misrepresent it.

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This is what happened to my friend.

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My daughter was infected with the latest corona virus in late December and lost her senses of taste and smell into January, but thankfully they have come back. I think I would want to go and live in a tropical paradise somewhere, and hopefully let Nature do her work.

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Don’t let get you depressed. Although that lost of senses is very disturbing , you can confidently stand up from the pain again and do some very specialized and high paid jobs, for example in some fields like agriculture, fisheries, zoo, meat or fruit producing , crime scene cleaning and all such, with smells other people never could stand even for only some seconds.

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Ms. Sven. So positive and some cute ideas.

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This is very depressing. They have to deal with pharma science promoters telling them at every turn to get experimentally vaxxed (ultra corrupt Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) when it doesn't do much (DOES NOT STOP TRANSMISSION NOR INFECTION) except reduce cough and headache but puts them at risk of adverse events, permanent disability or even death. American Pharma influenced media only gives you one option to return to life: vaxx for your freedom or we will take away all options.

Had a friend who just got vaxxed with Pfizer's 1st jab...thought his heart was going to explode.

Nervous about the 2nd shot and the vaxx passports they already rolled out in NY state. Even if you have a passport to travel you still must show your vaxx QR code to show you comply with pharma....or else. Sad day for society.

Early treatment with pharma sabotaged Ivermectin is vital to stop transmission, infection, symptoms and protect family members living with you so everyone can recover safely:

Pharma will try their best to bury Ivermectin by quoting pharma paid experts to "debunk" or mark as "false". Pfizer's jab is the 2nd most profitable product on the market from the selling of FEAR. Ivermectin does nothing in profits for them or their shareholders. Wholesale cost is less than $1 and can end this entire pandemic and save lives / prevent infection / transmission / symptoms from the beginning....naw Pharma needs a non-working patented product instead or else we take away your freedoms.

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It did not took long for science deniers to come to push their mistaken conspiracies again and trying to make people look away from the serious problems that come after the COVID infection. For them the kinds of problems in the article, that heavily reduce the life quality are just nothing to worry about, people should get the infection and lose their sense of smell over imaginary fears that never actually happened even after millions of vaccines. It is quite fortunate that the ability to discuss their misleading information ends with copy-paste of things that have already been proved false, without ever being able to defend it.

Sorry, vaccines have already been proved to be safe and effective, by this point it is clear they reduce extremely importantly the risk of symptomatic infection and also of transmission. There is not a single important side effect that is elevated in vaccinated people in comparison with those unvaccinated (yes, VAERS prove that the observed problems are in the same rates as people without vaccines!!)

And the endless repetition of the supposed conspiracy to hide miracle medicines, nonsense that can be proved false with examples like dexamethasone, a dirt cheap drug that is extremely safe and effective in the treatment of COVID and that conspiracy zealots try to hide because it proves a cheap drug can be easily recognized as very useful without "pharma" stopping this recognition at all.

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Vaccines have been proven safe and effective? The science is settled?

The science is DEFINITELY NOT SETTLED. It is being censored and any differing voices are being suppressed.


The most recent data from the CDC shows that 1 in 36 children born this year in the United States will develop autism. This is a true epidemic. The CDC’s response has been to spend a treasure trove of taxpayer funds waging a media campaign against parents that claim vaccines caused their child’s autism.

To their credit, parents with autistic children have never backed down. In the face of incessant brow beatings by public health authorities, studies have found between 40% and 70% of parents with an autistic child continue to blame vaccines for their child’s autism, typically pointing to vaccines given during the first six months of life. They experienced the truth of what happened to their children.

CDC retracts claim “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”

Despite a lack of evidence, the CDC for years made the claim that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.” This claim has been used to block federal funding to study whether vaccines cause autism. ICAN’s legal team, led by Aaron Siri, therefore spent the last three years fighting to have this claim retracted by the CDC. 

In the end, the CDC could not produce a single study to support that the vaccines given during the first six months of life do not cause autism and had to capitulate and remove from its website that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.”

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Most COVID-19 sufferers who lose the ability to taste or smell recover

But 10 to 15 percent lose the senses for months, said Parma

So luckily it's a minority (total population who get infected) of a minority (those who lose their sense of smell) of a minority (those who lose it for months).

Wonder what the total % of the population it is

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Vaccines have been proven safe and effective? The science is settled?

Yes, your copy-pasted information is not real, it is misinformation. and completely out of the topic.

It has been completely proved that vaccines have absolutely no relationship with autism in literally dozens of reviews involving thousands and thousands of patients. Not only on the US but around the world.

One simple link can prove your information is completely false

"Vaccines do not cause autism."

"A 2013 CDC study [PDF – 7 pages] added to the research showing that vaccines do not cause ASD."

"Vaccine ingredients do not cause autism."

Included references to 7 very clear studies that prove there is no relationship.

No retraction, very clear scientific statement that disproved your false information.

So luckily it's a minority (total population who get infected) of a minority (those who lose their sense of smell) of a minority (those who lose it for months).

Unfortunately antivaxxers and other science deniers are so worried about being proved wrong that they even spam off-topic comments to distract the attention to very real complications, misrepresenting every single one of the multiple problems that affects a significant percentage of sufferers as if that was the only negative side-effect to worry about. Anything so they can try to mislead people to mistakenly believe the claim that COVID is just like a bad cold.

It obviously is not, these problems are serious and very real.

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The article was about losing one's sense of taste and smell from a viral infection. Being vaccinated or not has absolutely nothing to do with this effect of Covid-19. It's caused by the disease, not by the prevention. I can't imagine what it is like but one weird side of me thinks losing that if food had no taste or aroma it would be so much easier to lose weight.

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