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The average bystander won't know how to control bleeding


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The average bystander also does not carry a pair of sterile rubber gloves, and may wish to avoid possible infection from contaminated blood or fluids.

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Are bystanders exempt from law suits when rendering life saving actions?

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Check your countries laws, but in US, there is the Good Samaritan Law that protects a person from law suits if they do what they were trained to do for non-professional people (first aid course). Your skin is a great defense from the nasty outside world of bad bugs (pathogens) and when the EMS people arrive, ask for help to clean the blood off. Stripping bloody cloths and getting clean with a fire hose is not a bad idea if you are covered with blood. If you know how to save a person's life, and you do not act to save their life, you can be sued!

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In this crazy world that we live in, I can see why people don't get involved because of litigation, when I undertook my first aid course years ago we ask loads of question like on CPR, the instructor said that we need to undo the top row of buttons on shirts/blouses, could we get suede for assault? the instructor told us to try and get another lady to do this but if it can't be done get a witness to over see what your doing and explain it to them. But yes it is sad when people won't get involved for this fear of being suede. the instructors told us that people when they are badly injured they are not thinking about legal action the only action they want is to stop the pain and bleeding!

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