The dad approach to having the period talk


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No girl should be humiliated or embarrassed by a man having this chat with her. Men really need to understand when they are not appropriate for certain tasks, and this is one of them. Let a female relative or teacher help out.

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While the majority of dads surveyed (80%) believe it is a mother’s responsibility to teach their daughter about her menstrual cycle, 44% believe the responsibility is with the father.


It is encouraging that most dads and single dads understand they need to know facts about the menstrual cycle to show support and love for their growing daughters.

Umm…no. Dads show support for their growing daughters by keeping their marriage vows and showing love for their wives and children for a lifetime.

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Men really can't accept when they are not needed or wanted. Just stay out of things like menstruation. You have NO idea as a man, absolutely none, and it is completely inappropriate.

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To everyone sharing an opinion on this article (myself included), this is an advertisement for INTIMINA trying to appeal to the woke concepts around gender and the role of fathers (or "parent #2"). This can be easily and effortlessly disregarded. Have a great day!

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Not really Jeff. Women are under siege and men are insisting they take control of women's bodies. Encouraging men to be involved to a damaging degree with their daughter's sexual health is beyond creepy. Men have no idea about periods, they are not affording girls their dignity, and really should keep out of something that is purely female business. Absolutely inappropriate, and it doesn't need downplaying guessed it..a MAN

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