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The good, bad and unknown about marijuana's health effects


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US Federal Government (Dept of Health and Human Services) US Patent on Marijuana. = From the patent itself you can openly see the US Federal Gov research that has already been done.

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I think the days of smoking a joint may be coming to an end. There's good reason for this: smoking cannabis like you smoking a cigarette introduces a lot of really bad chemicals into your body--you're essentially inhaling smoke from a burning substance. The future will be the use of vaporizers, including the very small vaping devices.

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While it's only my opinion, smoking Weed is a major contributor to the "Dumbing Down"of people. It is after all a Drug.

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Strong evidence links marijuana use to the risk of developing schizophrenia and other causes of psychosis, with the highest risk among the most frequent users.

Try getting a job after that.

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Back in 1990 while reading studies on PTSD in a university medical library, I found one that had examined the difference between returning US Vietnam War veterans suffering severe trauma who had managed to get better and settle into a normal civilian life, and those who remained unemployable and unable to cope in marriage relationships. All had returned addicted to heroin or cocaine, but the common denominator in the ones who got better and off these hard street drugs was that they each had a smoke of marijuana in the evening. The conclusion of the study was that "more research needs to be done to find out why marijuana is so much more addictive than heroin and cocaine!"

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From the timing it seems this article is "cover" for making all cannabinoids a "schedule 1" drug. = With this new law enacted Jan 13, 2017 all marijuana extracts like CBD oil (little to no TCH) will be prescription only if you can find a Dr to even write the prescription.

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but it’s also likely to raise the risk of getting schizophrenia

This is actually a misnomer. I don't know if it was non-understanding by the author, or the actual conclusion of the committee, but marijuana does not raise the risk of getting schizophrenia, however it can exacerbate it in those already predisposed to it. It will not cause schizophrenia in those not already predisposed to it, nor will it raise their risk of getting it.

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