Coronavirus and a looming mental health disaster

By Jocelyne ZABLIT

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Switch off main stream media and watch some decent movies or tv shows - the mass media are creating hysteria.

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"People are experiencing very high levels of anxiety,"

Yes they are. Unfortunately, listening to the media outlets which chose to run with every unverified crackpot story, or chose to promote their own personal political agendas, are getting on everyone's nerves. Should I wear a mask, or shouldn't I? Should I venture outside, or not? Should I go to work when others are staying home? Should I hoard toilet paper just because my neighbor is?

We're all waiting for a working vaccine. Things are not going to get better until there is a working vaccine. Blaming others, attacking others, whining about how tough the situation is for you personally, isn't going to create a working vaccine. Some people are doing the best that they can do. Others need to work on their attitude. Like it or not, we're all in this together.

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a certain amount of exercise can do wonders to combat depression. also learn a new language or craft online, watch movies, and facetime friends and loved ones. goes a long way

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Can you

1.limit contact with others?

2.wash your hands?

3.wear a mask?

if yes to all 3 then carry on....

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