Third virus vaccine reaches major hurdle: final U.S. testing


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The US is poised to approve just about anything just before the election. I’m sure it will be a terrific vaccine. Wonderful... great, no really. I would avoid the ones with vaccine misspelled, though.

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The US is poised to approve just about anything just before the election.

If the recommended, normal schedule of testing is conserved, there is no way any of the candidates are going to be approved before the end of the year. Phase III takes at least 6 months, so if the vaccine began this phase on late July they would end it around late January.

Scientifically speaking this amount of testing is enough to assure the vaccine is significantly less risky than the natural infection. Approval before it is finished is not ethically justified.

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I'll let the first wave dealing with the unknown side effects

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trump will, "slow down" this process, why?

trumps own cash is in Off-Shore Vaccine development.

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The experimental vaccine in the picture had the minor side effect of creating interesting tattoos on the woman who received it.

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