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Three-decade study confirms saturated fats are bad for health


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Just the other day, people here were praising butter. And now we have this. Thanks but no thanks. I'll skip unsaturated fats, especially those from animal sources, and stick to healthy alternatives like unsalted nuts and avocados, etc.

I hate to think the amount of unsaturated fats and trans-fats in Japanese foods. There's shortening in practically all things Japanese like cookies and bread.

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Yes, we hate to think about Japanese having the longest life expectancy with all that dreadful stuff in cookies and bread.

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The fact that you lump unsaturated fats all into the same category shows that you know nothing about nutrition. Your body needs HEALTHY fats to function, things that come from almonds, salmon, flaxseed/olive oil, etc.

You sound like a needy vegan who is too high and mighty to eat anything animal-based. The trick is moderation and common sense, which tells you that eating ten cookies every day probably isn't the best choice even if they're "gluten-free" and "sugar-free".

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Calories From Saturated Fats and Intake of Dietary Cholesterol Intake of saturated fats should be limited to less than 10% of calories per day. Strong and consistent evidence shows that replacing saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease events and deaths. The key recommendation from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines to limit consumption of dietary cholesterol to 300 mg/d is not included in the 2015 edition because adequate evidence is not available for a quantitative limit specific to the Dietary Guidelines. However, this change does not suggest that dietary cholesterol is no longer important to consider. In general, foods that are higher in dietary cholesterol, such as butter and sausage, also tend to be higher in saturated fats. Examples of healthy eating patterns in the Dietary Guidelines limit dietary cholesterol to a range of 100 to 300 mg/d.

Do to cholesterol now being claimed as "not evil" they had to backtrack somewhat.


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I like putting butter on white toast and then saturating it with really good olive oil and large amounts of gram an masala.

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