TikTok videos promoting steroid use have millions of views, says report criticized by the company


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People already use steroid and other things before Tiktok, now will blame Tiktok for that?

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People already use steroid and other things before Tiktok, now will blame Tiktok for that?

No, they blame it for promoting unsafe use of the drugs to young people, which has the potential to make the problem much worse.

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There needs to be videos put up on tictok to promote relatively safe steroid use. For those interested in learning more about steroids check out the Anabolic Doc on Youtube- very educational- although he takes the view that there is so such thing as safe use of steroids. He's a doctor that used to use the juice and was a powerlifter. He's incredibly educational.

Personally, I think that there needs to be more research done on steroids and researchers should be going around surveying users and doing more tests and what not.

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Yes, promoting dangerous products on TikTok is concerning. However, I don't find TikTok any worse than the MSM.

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How is TikTok any worse than big pharma who have promoted and sold harmful drugs to millions over the yrs. Want any proof?........Just count the number of drug addicts in the USA.

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