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Too many colon tests use costly sedation


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Really? Deep sedation?? Blimey, I had a couple of these this year, the first all the way into my stomach. Hurt like an SOB afterwards (as well as during, towards the end), but I can't say I'd have opted for knockout drugs if I'd had the choice. People are such softies...

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Colonoscopies are a 'cash cow' for hospitals. As reported in New York Times recently, colonoscopies can reap $5000USD in additional charges. Colonoscopies are supposed to be about pre-cancerous abnormal growths. Virtual colonoscopy technology would eliminate sedation. In the US, we spent 3Trillion USD on Bush Wars. Boo hoo, that'll make everything hurt. :o(

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I don't think sedation is common in Japan: it's not like they are cutting you up or anything. Having the equipment shoved up the backside is quite uncomfortable, but tolerable. In the US sedation is probably a money-making scam in most cases.

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I don't think sedation is common in Japan:

You got that right. After attempting to have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy in Japan, wide awake and held down while they try to shove a tube down your throat, great fun. I actually went home and had the procedures done, yes it cost me a lot more money, but under a local anasthetic it was at least tolerable and unlike the procedure in Japan didnt scratch the inside of my throat due to me feeling the whole process. Maybe Japan needs to get up with the times, not full sedation but at least a local to deaden the area

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Cletus I wish I could give you 10 thumbs up. Anyone who has had these procedures unmedicated in Japan would not be advocating for no sedation. It is cruel and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. That said, I believe the article is debating the merits of deep versus light sedation. It is unlikely Americans will have to go without any sedation at all like we in Japan must do.

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I had the camera shoved down my throat here, they gave me a local sedative to drink before-hand.

Wasn't painful, etc but I don't want to have it done again. Got a gagging reflex and it took 3 nurses to hold me down as I tried to hackup the camera.

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It''s ME,

Not nice is it. Thats why l opted to go home and have it done didnt feel a thing. When they did it here l ended up with a throat infection because of the gagging and dry wretching scratched my throat badly. Never again

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"Not nice" is an understatement.

Had no choice as I was an in-patient at that time(local Red Cross Hospital).

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A colonoscopy does not go down your throat but up your butt. I had one done here and it was murder. I imagine the guy doing the shoving was enjoying my pain. I screamed for some pain relief and finally they gave me a shot but it was just about useless. Get advice about where to have it done by an understanding hospital and technician.

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