U.S. surgeon general urges 'aggressive' steps against e-cigarettes

By Eric Baradat

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What is the point of promoting dope and demonizing vape ???

Vape don't hurt nobody. It's disgusting , but harmless.

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aaaaahhh.... maybe because "dope" has medicinal purposes and vaping doesn't?

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While vapors will leave the streets cleaner (no disguarded ciggies butts), the vapor is still poisonous as far as I can tell.

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And some people are pushing to allow vaping on UK buses.

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Vaping isn't actually harmless, although it is probably a much better alternative to smoking cigs. I'm not sure about the second hand effect on people though, would be interesting to see some information about that.

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Seems like Altria (Marlboro maker) thinks this is the way ahead

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