Transgender people face challenges getting adequate health care


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"Millions" of transgender people?

Are there millions?

I doubt it.

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17 states impose sterilisation on those seeking gender recognition.

I thought Germany lost the war...

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Simply put the healthcare received by transgendered people is the regular healthcare that non-transgendered people receive daily. In other words it is not special. So transgendered health treatment are safe, effective and medically necessary for these type of people and denied only because of misinformation and bias.

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Why should they be given special treatment?

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As it says in the article, transgender is considered a manifestation of a mental health problem by WHO.

Is being more accepting of transgender people a sign of civilisation, or is it pandering to severe mental health problems? I really don't know.

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Many are drawn into risky behaviors such as unsafe sex or substance abuse due to such stigma

That's BS. They do those things because they want to have sex and get high, not because of others' opinions of them.

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Wonder how Haruna Ai, etc are managing?

Granted given their medical History they need a Doctor that is aware of the medicines(Hormones, etc) that they are taking, ditto for mental care.

BTW, anyone here things she uses the Men's Toilet as she was born with a ding-a-ling?

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Fed up reading these types of "articles' which are really just propaganda for their cause.

Same article appeared in Canadian websites in the past few days...must be part of their worldwide blitz.

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Fed up reading these types of "articles'

I found an awesome solution to that problem!

Don't read them.

Problem solved.

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Spoke to my Gandpa the other week about this topic, he said "the worlds gone crazy" I have to agree.

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All seems due to stigma. What about the being due to having less safe sex than other groups that make them high HIV risk or that their mental problems are caused by their identity crisis in them selves rather than what others think.

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It seems that the posters here have no empathy for transgender people.

Yes, there are millions of transgender people around the world, a revision of this issue leads us to re-think that it is not a mental or behavioral problem, but something much bigger.

There are two types of depression that manifest here: one that it comes from gender confusion and the other that comes from the stigma and discrimination, both can lead, as any other kind to depression to reckless behavior.

Transgender people use toilets accordingly to their gender that they are, regardless of physical body.

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