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U.S. gov't urges food industry to cut back on salt


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How about cutting out some of the really dangerous things in food?

http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/breaking-glyphosate-roundup-carcinogenic-parts-trillion-range http://aspartame.mercola.com http://www.reuters.com/article/cancer-fructose-idAFN0210830520100802

There are many more.

Salt is not the only dangerous ingredient in food.

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Less salt? Shorter shelf life. That's the trade-off and some foods can't exist without salt such as pickles and kimchi.

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Basically all salt contains the same amount of sodium by volume but most people consume far more than that because processed food account for most of the sodium consumed. Therefore decreasing the amount of salt helps prevent high blood pressure, treats hypertension, and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. So using less salt is possible by seasoning your meals with herbs and spices instead.

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Mercola is good at exposing but quite weak on health. Consider he's a Rtd chiropractor/long distance runner. On exercise he just says.. read these 5 books by these authors. He employs several 'editors' who write his newsletters. They tend to follow the mainstream's BS, especially RDAs, so that the site is not too controversial.. for after all mercola is in business to sell product, not enlighten. For accurate data on health, my 11 new Optimum Health Guides on the tthairsolutions dot com site are light years ahead of mercola.

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after all mercola is in business to sell product, not enlighten

And you're not selling anything? Everything on your site is free?

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