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U.S. warns of cancer-agent in Japan weight loss pills


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Just wondering what part of Xiushentang is Japanese. Is the Japan connection only in the name of the product?

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Xiushentang?? This is CHINESE, not Japanese, but it sounds very, very dangerous!

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Wake up! What about ....? Aspartame we see that sh t on the Pepsi nex CM On shewing gums and god knows what else Fluoride not so much in japan luckily So one more poison won't make much of a difference...

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Great minds think alike! I was just thinking the same thing! Not a very "Japanese sounding" name.

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There seems to be a pill available for everything these days and they all have side affects that are far worse than the symptom they are supposed to cure. A proper diet and exercise are all that iare needed in almost every case of obesity, Eat fewer calories than your body burns each day and increase your metabolism via simply walking,swimming or bike riding and you will lose weight..No magic pills are needed ,just some good old fashioned self discipline.

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'Japan' is just the name of the product. But there's a chance that Japanese people will buy it because of the name, hence the reason why the editor chose to post this article

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Part of the problem is FDA going "Chicken Little" on us. Cyclamates were banned because of a genetic mutation test that its creator declared to be invalid. Phenolphthalein used as a constipation relief dates back over 100 years and was banned on the same lame grounds. Ronald Reagan warned us about "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you." There they go again....

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The us goverment did aprove " Neotame" if we are talking about dangerous, take a look at that product, and they dont have to wite on the product it's in the product.

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As if the FDA gives a crap about all the poisons in the drugs they approve for the public. What a joke they are.

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Any medication you won't use should be brought to a pharmacy, not discarted in the trash...

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. Is the Japan connection only in the name of the product?

They say "made in Japan".

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