UK variant hunters lead global race to stay ahead of COVID


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Very interesting and shows the massive contrast between Japan and such countries like the uk( I know the uk is not a single country ) that thrive on innovation whereas Japan relies on following what is written in the manual and must be followed every time regardless of the circumstances. Many years ago I worked for a uk pharmaceutical company and collaborated with Japanese researchers on a project to study the efficacy of heparin administration to stroke patients. Every time we asked the senior researchers what their next move was, so to speak, none of them would make a decision, deferring it to their superiors ( who were clearly not researchers). After coming to Japan, I have experienced the same time after time. Fortune favors the bold. An idiom not applicable here.

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While the technique is used by researchers to study everything from cancer to outbreaks of food poisoning and the flu virus, this is the first time authorities are using it to provide real-time surveillance of a global pandemic.

This is a huge thing , and very difficult, to accomplish, so it deserves a lot of recognition. I a way is like having a whole team of forensic pathologist, investigators, prosecutors, etc. coming to the scene of the crime to immediately collect and analyze the evidence, decide who are the most likely suspects, trace and interrogate them and put forward the complete case for a trial in a single day. All the parts have been there since a long time ago, but having them all working efficiently in real time with thousands of samples coming up was not thought to be possible.

Another important thing is to see how important bioinformatics has become in the study of pathogens, nowadays people that do research by analyzing information in a computer all day are now an indispensable part of the research team, in some senses is now more important to know how to code than knowing how to handle the pathogens.

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