U.S. authorizes 'mix and match' COVID vaccine boosters: regulator


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"The FDA has determined that the known and potential benefits of the use of a single heterologous booster dose outweigh the known and potential risks of their use in eligible populations," the agency said in a statement.

Unfortunately the potential benefits of a booster for the general population (people without elevated risk factors for COVID) is still lower than the potential benefits of using those doses to vaccinate people without immunity on the developing world. Boosters doses would be much better used like that, reducing the risk of an escape mutant variant appearing and making all previous immunity much less effective.

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Mixing and matching without the studies?

No thanks!

I am

not a guinea pig…

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You’re forgetting that the benefits of this shot lasts for a very short time. You use that rational vaguely when you say benefits.

For most of the population the benefits of the shots remain until now, protection against complications and death is still much better than by not being vaccinated, that is not a vague benefit at all.

Mixing and matching without the studies?

It is clearly written there in the article,

The data supporting the decisions come from emerging research reviewed by the FDA

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