Useful protection or not warranted? Third COVID jab debate rages


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This is like having an infected liver and instead of giving full systemic antibiotics you spend all your money in topical antibiotics for your face. The most important thing to tackle right now is to make as much people immune to the disease, not only to avoid countless unnecessary deaths, but also to prevent the appearance of variants, which could undermine very importantly the protection obtained from the vaccines.

If the experts coincide in considering vaccination as adequate for healthy young people then priority should be given to people that have not yet been vaccinated at all.

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It should be an option, somehow I think this will be a yearly vaccination for the rest of our lives.

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And yet again not talk about the impact of those that have already recovered from Covid. No mention of how wide the virus has already spread in society.

Yes the two dose make sense given the risk. The third seems more about money than anything else at this point. The exception being the super high risk groups.

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Tedros lied about the pandemic to the whole world when it began.

He said it wasnt transmittal to humans. He said that China shouldnt close its borders

He said that it wasnt a pandemic and took him months to declare it, when it took days to do for SARS.

How is he not in jail?

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Even before the third dosage was considered, rich countries have been hoarding vaccines.

Now they have an excuse

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It should be an option, somehow I think this will be a yearly vaccination for the rest of our lives.

They certainly will try.

I'm so happy to be living in Japan, where I have a choice. If I lived elsewhere, I might be debating whether I should vaccinate or quit...

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