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Weaker virus? Herd immunity? Omicron sparks cautious hopes

By Isabelle TOURNÉ

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Beginning of the end?

A light at the end of the tunnel?

Here's hoping.

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Beginning of the end?

A light at the end of the tunnel?

Here's hoping.

Yeah, Right. Japan is never opening their borders back up. If they didn't do it when only 25 people were hospitalized nationwide, they're not going to do it now or ever.

Sakoku 2.0

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The borders are not closed, not for special exemptions, diplomats, any residents and of course not for returning nationals. What are you talking about closed borders? If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any single case of delta or omicron. That alone should prove that the borders were and still are wide open, hopefully not too wide.

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HI Purple C

you just confirmed what I wrote months ago that Japan will be le latest country on earth to reopen completely

its borders . Strange I ca se ads from Japan cities in int papers to invite foreigners to visit Japan

Schizophrenic ?

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Wow herd immunity ... who would have thought???

bet the pharma shills won't be happy with this article!

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Where are such yellow & green ambulances and WHERE would people be so disgusting and have such disregard for public health as to hang hundreds(**?) of used masks near pedestrian walkways ? -**: - Filthy animals! (Photo captions don’t tell locations;)

Accompanying photo: “Experts say the absence of herd immunity worldwide Omicron is unlikely to be the last Covid variant” - Photo © AFP

Headline photo: “Omicron can infect people who ought to be immune from vaccination or recovery from a previous Covid case”  Photo: AFP/File

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