What is the mu variant of the coronavirus?


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Too bad this article is not including anything from Japan...

A report from England's public health agency last month suggested the mu variant might be as resistant to vaccines

Yeah, data from "last month"...

Yesterday a Japanese research team from University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science announced how the Mu variant of coronavirus is more than seven times more resistant to antibodies created by vaccinations than the original strain of the virus.

for more in English:

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Variants make much more obvious the importance of vaccinating as much people as possible, specially in developing countries, else the risk of them appearing is going to be a continuous headache. If rich countries would do what actually is better (instead of what gives politician more points with the population) they would put more effort in getting poor countries vaccinated instead of delivering more booster shots to their own population.

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JohnToday  11:53 am JST

Even if it was left unchecked variants will still come and spread amongst those people the original variant hasn't killed, it's how viruses survive. The shots do work as you're much less likely to get, suffer badly from and/or pass on the sickness to other vaccinated people.

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the shots don’t work, period. It doesn’t stop transmission and it’s enabling new variants. The more you vaccinate the more variants will be created.

Yes! The appearance of these variants had been predicted by experts last year as the expected result of mass vaccination during a pandemic. During a pandemic, vaccines should at most be given to the most vulnerable.

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Even against variants that might be more resistant to vaccines, if you have the shots you're still gonna have a higher level of protection than someone who hasn't been vaccinated.

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Virusrex....the shots don’t work, period. 

Terribly sorry but if the best professionals of the work say they work, reduce transmission and they can show it with clear scientific data, while on the other side you say the contrary, based on absolutely nothing, it is very easy to see who is much more believable and trustwhorty.

Just by curiosity, how do you explain that variants appear in places without good vaccination rates if according to you vaccines are the ones producing them? by magic?

Yes! The appearance of these variants had been predicted by experts last year as the expected result of mass vaccination during a pandemic.

And the "experts" were proved wrong, as everybody else knew at the time because the mechanisms makes no sense and the evidence of the variants appearance and distributiion makes it obvious that the less vaccinations are in a place the more likely it is for variants to appear. That is why there is not a single respected institution in the whole world that defends this failed explanation and they instead say the opposite.

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Remember, the Israel study showing natural immunity is more beneficial than any shot. 

I think for many people they will end up with both. I think I was infected last year but also got vaccinated this year. My father had coronavirus in February and was immunized last month. Based on my understanding the vaccination will reduce the chance that someone has a severe symptoms if infected.

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Mu is a bit of a mute point.

The world has decided to open up, and that collateral damage is acceptable.

I disagree with that.

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Just another Greek letter to describe the inevitable. Ongoing mutations and variants will hopefully not be come more deadly. In the meantime we have vaccines and better therapeutics and so time to stop with the mass hysteria stoked by the media and our masters.

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This is interesting

What is actually interesting is terribly obvious effort being made to produce "science by press release", at this point there is no peer reviewed report where the raw data is available for anybody to examine and confirm (not even the clinical trials), and this is not normal. None of the vaccines approved for use in the first world share this strange secrecy and that is the main reason why Sputnik is being ignored in any place where a more transparent option is available. That is what is actually too bad.

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