WHO agency: Air pollution causes cancer


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more than 220,000 lung cancer deaths worldwide connected to air pollution.

Okay, so according to WHO 90% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking, so if this is true is true then there should be about 2,200,000 lung cancer deaths in total per year if these are the only two causes... .. . But there are only 1.4 million lung cancer deaths a year.

In other words someone is very, very wrong.. or can't do basic math.

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Jeez, finally something is said about air pollution causing cancer! I'm just happy that in Japan there are a lot of people driving semi-electrics like the Prius, but I'll be happier when they are fully electric like the Telsa. I guess not much can be done about all the trucks on the road though :-( I ride a bike, and have been wearing a mask for the last 2 years because the air here is just getting worse and worse. I'll take the back roads when possible. I thought Japan was gonna phase out having Diesel engines on the road? But then they said that like 10 years ago, so I guess it ain't happening.

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