WHO makes cervical cancer protection easier, cheaper


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Easier and cheaper to subject girls to an unpleasant array of nasty side effects, and some girls from long term harm from the jab.

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HPV vaccine should be available to men too.

The vaccine prevents infection with the human papillomavirus that is a cause of papillary thyroid cancer, throat cancer, lymph cancer and many others.

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It is in the UK.

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LaWren: "Dr." Mercola is a quack. I live in California, where currently there is an epidemic of Whooping Cough in those least able to fight it off -- BABIES -- because of the anti-vaccine movement. People forget that the consequence of NOT having vaccines for childhood diseases means little coffins.

I lost a colleague to cervical is not a pretty way to go. She fought valiantly but her case was too far advanced. Vaccines are a boon to our society. Anti-vaxxers are a MENACE.

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LaWrenDec. 07, 2014 - 08:38AM JST

Easier and cheaper to subject girls to an unpleasant array of nasty side effects, and some girls from long term harm from the jab.

LaWren, I recommend a weblink of American Cancer Society to understand the risk associated with this cancer.. If there is an option to prevent, do not burn the bridge to prevention, the cancer is impossible to undo it once it is advanced . My friend fought it for years, and cancer eventually won.

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I dont want to get into the whole anti-vax argument. Vaccinate yourself and your children by any means, but dont expect me to poison mine. People should know some girls have had horrible reactions to this vaccination before the WHO pushes it on them.

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Wipeout, go ahead, you use the vaccine on you and yours, but me and mine will opt out, thank you. The WHO should absolutely offer this vaccine, with a full list of all the side effects that have been suffered by the children who it has been forced upon. Are you actually saying it has had no side effects in children? It isnt even fully protective, and people still have to go for pap smears. In fact it could encourage promiscuity with people thinking they are covered, when they are not.

Severe lingering fatigue, a higher instance of blood clots, there have been serious adverse effects observed.

Im properly informed and my informed choice is no way while I have a say in what my children do. They have had no vaccines and will never have them.

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If you have a look at the VAERS website, there are thousands of reports of adverse reactions to guardasil. My kids have never had anything that they couldnt fight off perfectly well. I feel very sorry for the children whose parents are sheep and cannot think for themselves, just doing whatever the socially accepted, government pushed norm is. Especially when they suffer health problems as a result.

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