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WHO warns of 'backsliding' in measles fight as cases soar

By Schneyder Mendoza

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"...And we're not backsliding because we don't have the tools to prevent this. We do have the tools to prevent measles. We're backsliding because of the failure to vaccinate."

The polite way to say anti-vaxxers are stupid and not only endangering their own children, but creating a global issue. Most of the vaccines also work on an immunized herd method..

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In some overseas countries (Australia,for example) there are many people who will not allow their children to have any sort of vaccinations or innoculations. An outbreak of polio or smallpox could well change their minds--but probably not.

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Philippines has an outbreak as we speak. Not that far from Japan and lots of Japanese guys go there to have "fun" with the locals.

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@Kiwi in Okinawa

By your comment I'm assuming you agree with what big pharma tells you via one of its mouthpieces, the WHO. Have you ever listened to doctors, scientists and victims or parents of vaccine damaged children?

Most of the vaccines also work on an immunized herd method.

How are you so sure? And how do you know that many of the toxins in the vaccines don't actually work to weaken and suppress the immune system so that disease can more easily attack the body.

and not only endangering their own children, but creating a global issue.

Regarding vaccines, that's the parents' prerogative and responsibility. Second, you don't know that not vaccinating children endangers them any more than if they were vaccinated. The evidence suggests that unvaccinated children are healthier.


Do you think the government should become even more involved in people's lives than it is now? Like this...

Vaccine Skepticism in Australia now punishable by 10 years in jail.


Personally I think it should be a choice whether adults and their children get vaccinated or not. We should be able to hear from both sides with the facts laid out, not just from the pro-vaxxers like it is now.

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@weedkila = well put !

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Weedkilla, we know the effect of heard immunisation because there is evidential proof. The effectiveness of immunisation has been proven by the statistical demonstration of the decline in cases after effective immunisation programmes. The spurious claims of the Ant-vax crowd on social media have been debunked repeatedly but as the old saying goes “there are non so blind as them as won’t see”, ignoring the scientific evidence and espousing pseudoscience and conspiracy theories doesn’t change reality, but misleading people may have serious consequences not only for their children but also the wider community.

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Japan has its own measles outbreak too:

"Worst measles outbreak in 10 years hits Japan with 167 patients"


And this is becoming a trend now:

"Unvaccinated teens are fact-checking their parents and trying to get shots on their own"


Once the children turn 18 years old, as legal adults, their parents can't stop them

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The spurious claims of the Ant-vax crowd on social media have been debunked repeatedly

Hmm, so you think it's all noise and fury on social media do you?

It's interesting that a special vaccine court has been set up to deal with the vaccine injuries that are occurring with the url below detailing the settlements in the US in a 3 month period in 2018. Then there are the many cases that don't make to court for one reason or another. There's even a report called Vaccine Injuries and Deaths which the US Department of Justice puts out. So it's not just "ignoring the scientific evidence and espousing pseudoscience and conspiracy theories" on social media.

Get Your Flu Shot? DOJ Report From Vaccine Court Reveals Flu Shot is Most Dangerous Vaccine in U.S.

The September 6, 2018 report states that 294 petitions were filed during the 3-month time period between 5/16/18 – 8/15/18, with 198 cases being adjudicated and 139 cases compensated.

The DOJ report only lists 73 of the settlements (see below).

These 73 cases specify the vaccine, the injury, and the amount of time the case was pending before settlement.


as the old saying goes “there are non so blind as them as won’t see”

Kinda weird English but I get what you mean. It's curious you would say that.

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With regard to the MMR vaccine and measles, the url I linked in my comment above says:

The U.S. government vaccine court will no longer hear cases of vaccines causing autism. When the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund was set up in 1988, autism was the most prevalent vaccine injury brought before the vaccine court, mostly from the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

It soon became apparent that the trust fund would not be sufficient to litigate all the claims for autism as a vaccine injury. By March 1, 2010, 13,330 cases had been filed in the special vaccine court, with 5,617 representing autism cases. Of those 13,330 cases filed up to March 1, 2010, only 2,409 were compensated. The rest were dismissed, but there were 5,933 cases still pending, and most of those were claims for vaccine-induced autism, mostly due to either the MMR vaccine, or vaccines containing thimerosal (mercury).

So how did the federal government and the vaccine court handle this?

Simple. They took 3 “test cases” that they said represented all of them and litigated against those claims. Their own appointed judges then ruled in each case that vaccines were not the cause of their autism. Then they told everyone else that their autism could not have been caused by vaccines, and that they would pay no damages for all those hundreds of thousands of children suffering with autism.

Then there was that pesky senior scientist whistleblower at the CDC, Dr William Thompson, who admitted to widespread fraud and confessed that "... he and his fellow CDC researchers found a strong autism signal in children who received the MMR vaccine before their third birthday… Under orders from their bosses…the scientists eliminated this data from the final published study.”

A Congressman, Bill Posey, (was) in possession of all the documents that were destroyed by the other CDC employees and went on record on the congressional floor on July 28th, 2015 demanding Dr. William Thompson be subpoenaed.


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Sorry but all your arguments are based on flawed and misleading information from a site that is well known to purposeful lie to push and illogical argument.

Submission to the vaccine damage court do not need to prove any correlation, only that this correlation between vaccines and damages is not impossible, they can submit even if its astronomically unlikely.

Autism no longer reach this very low level of requirements, it has been proven that vaccines do not cause autism, so trying to submit one case to the court is no longer valid.

There are many examples of things that are legally recognized even if there is no science behind it, or even with science actually disproving. So it is perfectly fine to define those things as irrational and anti-scientific. Science is not decided in courts.

Dr. William Thompson should be prosecuted, his invalid analysis is a well known way to force false results and its considered scientific misconduct when done with any purpose (and may be even scientific fraud), shaving and reshaving cases from a population without justification stated before beginning to collect data is enough to disqualify his "analysis". The fact that he ended up with so little cases that his results no longer had statistical significance is also reason enough to disregard them completely. Its like someone playing poker and throwing away four of his cards and declaring he wins with a full house because every card in his hand (one) are aces, not exactly a cheating method that is difficult to discover.
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