Why health experts aren't warning about coronavirus in food


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More known unknowns.

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The new virus can survive on some surfaces, so experts say to keep your hands to yourself as much as possible and to avoid touching your face when shopping. After unpacking your groceries at home, the CDC suggests washing your hands.

The groceries may have some viruses on them after unpacking. What precautions should one take, after touching the groceries again, a few hours or days later?

Is it best not to worry, but hope that one is exposed to a few viruses so as to generate an immune response, but hopefully without significant risk of being overwhelmed?

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Maybe now they'll stop wrapping and destroying wonderfully textured breads in this country. I have stopped shopping for french bread or anything else with a crunch as wrapping them in plastic especially when hot makes them a soggy mess.

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Sensational headline with zero informative content....

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I've seen lots of elderly women here in Japan acting as super spreaders. They pick up every packet of bacon or bento box available in the shop, examine it by touching it all over, then replace it on the shelf. I've no idea what is going through their mind but the practice should be banned immediately. In these times if you touch it, it should be yours because these weird people are potentially putting virus all over other people's food.

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