Why is the U.S. experiencing a coronavirus resurgence?


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If you're packed into bars at night and not wearing masks, you might catch it, don't ya think? I see the no-mask wearers every day. They're everywhere. I live in one of the dumber states, which by coincidence, also has a skyrocketing infection rate. There is definitely a correlation between common sense and masks. You never see someone intelligent not wearing a mask. It always people who are, well, not quite right in the head. One of the city councilmen was screaming into a bullhorn at a rally a day ago that the coronavirus was a plot by the Democrats.

Some of them get irate and start yelling at people that they don't need to wear a mask, as they're standing a foot away in the supermarket. How in the world do you deal with crazies like that?

It's obvious to me why there's a surge.

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WHY? How about “Stupid is as stupid does.” (D.J. Gump)

while too many didn't heed the sage advice: "Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters!" (Bob Dylan).

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In all western countries, the people has a lot of problems with wearing masks.

Like I said before here in many posts, it is the same in Japan:

90% of the foreigners here don't wear a mask.

Even my friend yesterday mentioned to me, if I recognized that most of the foreigners here in Tokyo don't wear a mask.

I agree that a mask is really tough to wear the whole day, but unfortunately the whole world is in a crazy situation now, and I think each person should do his best for prevention. Especially if you go to events like in the picture.

And wearing a mask is one of it.

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We are fighting two pandemics: Covid-19 and human stupidity

17 ( +19 / -2 )

Cuz they're dumb. No masks, crowding around, talking up close and touching each other. Masks have been politicized. Dumb.

14 ( +16 / -2 )

Your picture gives the answer right there. People haven't been wearing masks or practicing distancing. First Don the Demagogue tweeted his cult and the militia idiots to 'LIBERATE!' the statehouses and menace state governments, carrying gats. They brought their kids to these stupid fascist rallies.

Next George Floyd and other Black Americans were murdered by racist cops and riots ensued. Most rioters and the infitrating militia scum didn't wear masks or practice distancing either.

On top of that, with the Memorial Day weekend being the unofficial start of summer people did their usual outdoor fun as if nothing was wrong. Some churches held regular services, Trump screamed for that. And he addressed cadets at West Point to enhance his ego. And now his ego trips in Tulsa and elsewhere.

Does that answer your question?

4 ( +6 / -2 )

What do you expect with such a fine role model as Trump.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

Florida is suffering from a disease called Memorial Day Weekend. There is no known cure.

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90% of the foreigners here don't wear a mask.

An awful lot of Japanese don't wear them either...

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So can we assume that warm weather doesn't actually reduce the potency of the virus as previously claimed? I guess if heat does however limit the virus, we can also assume numbers would be even worse if all this craziness was happening during colder months. Either way, not good news.

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 I guess if heat does however limit the virus

Brazil averages around 30C during June, and we all know where the virus stands in that country

5 ( +6 / -1 )

These Americans are misinformed. We had a debate here at JT on masks as well but nowhere like these concerned citizens.

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People in the USA are becoming lazy about social distancing and masks. They are not out of the woods yet and are spiking the rise by their nonchalance.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

The current US WH is run by an incompetent mentally weak greedy fool who surrounds himself with even more incompetent weak-minded sycophants to feel better!

4 ( +6 / -2 )

The current WH tells these states to ignore lockdowns and rebel. Now all those states or trying to pullback............

Pence Cancels Campaign Events In Florida, Arizona As States' COVID-19 Cases Soar

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Where are the troll saying that's because they're testing too much ?

Are you trying to say testing isn't necessary.

It is even stated in the article that the ramped up testing has helped to catch the mild cases.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Florida Texas who opened too early with millions on beaches certainly doesn't help

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Ron DeSantis backtracking??!!!! And wearing a mask? Please, stop blaming people, you yourself share a big portion of the blame, in your attempt to please the man-child.

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Many new cases are no doubt due to Trump and Pence not leading by example. How stupid to think wearing a mask makes people look weak. Not wearing one in smaller spaces just makes people look stupid. Trump should be worried because he's losing voters (literally, they are dying because of his pathetic lack of leadership). If you think about how many votes Trump won by in 2016 (only in the tens of thousands) and over 125,000 people have already died, it's a serious point.

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So can we assume that warm weather doesn't actually reduce the potency of the virus as previously claimed?

Possibly, but I heard on the radio that air conditioning can increase the risk, especially where there are large numbers of people - offices, factories, etc. If true, I guess that would be a bigger issue in hotter climates.

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Darwin may well turn over in his grave, but it is surely the survival of the fittest.

The problem of Trump is self-regulating.

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90% of the foreigners here don't wear a mask.

I would have agreed with this a few months back, but now most of the foreigners I see are following the norm on wearing masks in public spaces. That includes me, I almost never wore one in almost 20 years of living here, but since February I haven’t left home without one.

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Surely thousands of black lives matter protesters gathering all over the country wouldn't have anything to do with it right??? But then again way easier to look the other way...

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Trump said this would be gone by April. Pence said it would be gone by May. What? I'm supposed to believe that it is still here?

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Could have something to do with all the Floyd protests / riots / looting.

Darwin may well turn over in his grave, but it is surely the survival of the fittest.

Don't know about Darwin but definitely Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave at all the riots, looting and statue removing.

By the way, out of all the corona deaths in the U.S., Democrat-run New York City accounts for 22,000, a quarter of them. What's up with that?

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By the way, out of all the corona deaths in the U.S., Democrat-run New York City accounts for 22,000, a quarter of them. What's up with that?

Does it mean that Republicans created this weaponized virus to target Blacks, Latinos and old people that they hate in traditional Democratic areas? Is that what you're happy about?

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Maybe because the U.S has a high proportion of ignorant, vain and selfish people.

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