Women may mount stronger Covid-19 immune response


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Clearly there’s a fundamental difference in body chemistry and biology between males and females.

A simple statement that once upon a time would have been a statement of the obvious. Not these days.

Anyway, these findings are another small step along the path of understanding this complex disease of Covid-19. We're making progress.

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According to the authors, this could imply that men and women need different treatments.


Riley said this is why treatments would be better if they were individually tailored, rather than defined solely on sex.

If possible, the latter would be preferable. Otherwise we'd be basically gambling that our response matches the majority of whatever sex we are.

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Researchers found that women mounted a more robust immune response involving T lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell that can recognize viruses and eliminate them.

I remember in our biology class where the teacher told us that women by default have stronger immune systems because of childbirth where they are more prone to infections and have a higher need to heal wounds and get rid of infections quickly.

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If the Wuhan virus was actually genetically engineered ( there was a virus lab just opposite and a few hundred meters from that disgusting Wuhan wet market), then it's no coincidence that this virus was targeted at males since most armies are male dominated.

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