Women who have more sex have lower risk of early menopause: research


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This should be made into a health bulletin flyer and distributed around the office.

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@Burning Bush Lol

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A bunch of nonsense, a woman will go through the same biological sequence, irregardless of not or having sex

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A study of data from almost 3,000 women in the United States showed that those who said they had sexual activity weekly or more frequently - including intercourse, oral sex, sexual touching or self-stimulation - were 28% less likely to have experienced menopause at any given age than women who said they had sex less than once a month.

At any given age, so whats the given age???

YrralToday 10:28 am JST

A bunch of nonsense, a woman will go through the same biological sequence, regardless of not or having sex

Spot on. If the definition of a woman having reached menopause is when she has not had a period for one year, what does it matter if she is getting laid or not, it would more likely to be because of other factors such as diet or an inherited condition.

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There are only so many eggs to be fertilized, and unless the cycle of the period is extended for some reason or sped up for some reason then the eggs run out. Never read a study or about experimenting with ovulation timing.

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It's unfortunate that these types of studies looking for loose correlations in anonymous survey data are still taken seriously. These anthropologists need to step aside and leave real science to real scientists (ie. geneticists).

If you were to track down the women in the SWAN survey and subject them to genetic analysis, you would likely find that gene variants associated with higher hormone production and sex drive are correlated with the later onset of menopause, and that physically engaging in sexual acts is entirely irrelevant.

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Tom,you flunked biology, a woman has million of potential egg in her life, they are expel during her period, if the are not fertilze

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But when a woman is on her period, let's say, around 17th of every month. Then 11th to 25th is no chance of sex unless the couple wants to have a baby. (For the baby, is it better to have sex few days Before her period Or few days After her period also raises the question)

So only around 15 days a month are remaining days for the sex. Then with those 15 days, time and mood makes difference. When husband wants sex, wife is busy or not on mood. When wife wants sex, husband is busy or he can't get up.

So periodically, married couples have sex between 1 to 7 days a month.

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It comes down to how fertile a woman is.There's no one size fits all there.That's why some women can get pregnant mid-late 40s and some 20s,30s often can't at all.

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@BackpackingNepal: So periodically, married couples have sex between 1 to 7 days a month.

You are obviously not married. In Japan the mean, median and norm are all about zero for married couples monthly sexual frequency. Women want to have sex, just not with their husbands. Husbands, on the other hand, want to have sex with pretty much all women including their wives.

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Correlation does not imply causation...

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@Yrrl: You are mistaken. Here is a good page for you to read up on eggs, etc.

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