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World short of six million nurses, WHO says


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It’s a disgrace that nurses in many developed countries are vastly underpaid and overworked.

Many countries need to rethink their whole system and decide which professions should be the most highly valued.

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Most foreign nurses will fail the Japanese exam.

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Nurses - underpaid, undervalued, overworked and often used as scapegoats. Viewed as disposable by the powers that be. Moving targets for disease and violence. No wonder people are not choosing nursing as a career and those that do leave it as soon as they can.

The UK was short of 43,000 nurses before the coronavirus struck. Even with army nurses and recent retirees returning, there is a huge shortfall at a most critical time.

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How ironic....I tried to move back to the UK with my wife,a Japanese nurse,after 2011.The amount of hoops and costs we were faced with was mind-blowing.

Decided to stay over here.....and she is being paid a relative pittance to brave the Tokyo rush hour trains to get to her workplace.

Meanwhile,all of the European footballers are having to make 30% cuts to their salaries..........must be hard to live on Euros80k a week minimum.

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The world is truly mad.

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Pay a fair wage and people will get interested.

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@spitfire. The UK immigration system is not fit for purpose, it is set up to fail, a result of Teresa May’s time as Home Secretary as she wanted the UK to be a hostile place for anyone wanting a visa. It is set up for applicants to fail. Even if your wife could get a visa, she would then have the next hurdle of registering with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council, she would have had to do a six month, unpaid, course to assimilate with UK nursing practice and to prepare her for an exam. She would also have to pass an English language test. Now the EU nurses have gone the UK is up the creek without a paddle, nursing wise. Nursing students no longer get free tuition, a result of one of Cameron’s policies, so the number applying for university undergraduate nursing courses has plummeted. It’s an ideological decision. Starve the NHS of staff - no NHS. I left the profession a few years back, I had enough of being treated like crap for pay that wasn’t enough to pay the bills. When I am in the UK I get temp jobs in supermarkets, warehouses etc. Less stress too.

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Why is anyone still listening these? WHO lost the last trace of credibility. Japan should trust its own health institutions, and certainly they know about the COVID-19 situation far better than WHO.

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