Yahoo! Japan starts simple and easy genomic analysis service


Yahoo! Japan has announced the release of a genomic analysis service for the public from the HealthData Lab project offered by its healthcare division, Yahoo! Healthcare.

The service allows users to investigate disease risk factors including 22 different kinds of cancers, diabetes, cardiac infarction, cerebral stoke, etc. as well as physical condition factors such as muscle strength, blood pressure, amount of alcohol intake, blood urate level, and so on. It can analyze about 290 items, and even conduct family analysis telling where a group with the same gene as yours originated and its migration over time.

To use the genomic analysis service, buy the kit in the HealthData Lab store in Yahoo! Shopping online. Once you receive the kit, send back your saliva sample and answer a survey about your lifestyle, and then at a later date you can check the results online.

Yahoo! is also planning to start providing further genetic counseling services by medical geneticists or counseling to improve the quality of life by doctors and nutritionists for a price.

Kit price: ¥49,800

Source: AkihabaraNews

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First DeNA, now Yahoo...

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Yahoo! Japan starts simple and easy genomic analysis service

and we promise not to tell your insurer...

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