Hollywood's latest love: Gender-swapping


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fortunately, no one wants to see these crap films. Ghostbusters was a disaster as will be all the others coming down the line.

For the most part, moviegoers want to see men and women in traditional roles and always will.

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clamenzaNOV. 06, 2016 - 09:15AM JST For the most part, moviegoers want to see men and women in traditional roles and always will.

Made a survey to get that data, have you?

Mad Max: Fury Road featured Charlize Theron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens featured Daisy Ridley, both in non-"traditional roles" and were widely considered to be among the best films of the year, with huge box offices takes and wide critical acclaim.

Based on that, I'd say only a tiny segment of the public gives a damn if a movie features men and women in traditional roles or not. Most just want to see a good movie. The people who are bothered by a character having a non-"traditional" gender role are an endangered species. Economically, they just plain don't matter.

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katsu78 - best films of the year according to whom? Both those franchise films did predictable big business despite women in leading roles and both sucking donkey balls.

Its nothing but a forced effort by the studios to appease loud feminists and cucks.

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clamenzaNOV. 06, 2016 - 11:10AM JST katsu78 - best films of the year according to whom?

No, you don't appear to understand how this works. You made the first unsubstantiated claim. You don't get to demand questions of my claims until you first back up your own with evidence. Then once you've properly made your case, you can have the authority to call me out for making an argument as flimsy as your initial post.

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katsu78 - No, this is how it works. I give an opinion which is a very common opinion. End of story.

You didn't agree with my opinion, and is the custom these days, became upset and probably triggered. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have the authority to state whatever the heck I believe.

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katsu78 - so you are so into evidence, I'll give you some very obvious evidence that I'm shocked you were not aware of;

Studios operate on budgets and the expectation of profits. Unprofitable movies are avoided and unsuccessful actors not given work.

Women in Hollywood, even the top stars, are paid less than their male counterpoints, and have fewer roles to choose from. This is well documented.

The reason is because audiences don't go to see female-centric (is that a word?) movies nearly as much as they go to see the others.

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For the creatives behind the projects, it’s a no-brainer.

And therein is the problem. Creatives are paid to be creative, not to brainlessly recycle past movies - many of which weren't all that great first time around.

If it's a no-brainer, what exactly are they paying the creative types for? Why not feed the scripts into a computer for the rewrite?

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If a movie is good, I will watch it. Period.

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Earth to Hollywood, this needs to come across as natural to succeed NOT forced.

Bottom line is people are SICK of all these re-runs, re-hashes, new versions etc etc

the answer is MAKE A DECENT MOVIE that can show case female actresses, remaking movies that starred men & just inserting women to EVERYONE!!

Just make good movies where its natural for women to be in the roles & you will SUCCEED!! Alas that is too much work aint it, carry on.............with your boring re-cycled movies starring whoever!

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"Why not feed the scripts into a computer for the rewrite?" What makes you think they don't?

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Women are equal to men, right? So why on earth would you torture your viewing audience with REMAKES of films that no is asking for simply because they originally starred men? If women are equal to men, then be as original as those...original...films were, and create something new. When I was in theaters around the country (I travel a lot for work and frequent theaters in my down time), and the all-female Ghostbusters trailer was playing, women and girls---the target audience, right?---were booing and giving it thumbs down. Literally. Because it was every bit as nausea-inducing as the male lead-dominated Fast and Furious films. Crap is crap, regardless of the gender of the actors.

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horrible movie horrible idea. cant they think of new ideas?

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Next they'll be releasing a film that stars a woman on a paddle board jumping over a dolphin called 'Clutching At Straws".

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There’s no such thing as a “good” movie, for heaven’s sake. Any more than there is good food. I love sweetbreads, but many people would gag on them. “Mary Poppins,” starring a woman, of course, was wildly popular back in the ‘60s. I reach way back to that example to make this point: It so nauseated me that I walked out after a half an hour, the only time that ever happened.

And if a man can turn himself into a woman by choice, he can certainly appreciate gender-swapped roles in a movie. But whether the genre is a "good" idea or not will depend on how many people like the shtick; it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the opinion of this person or that.

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