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Images of disaster in Japan lend visual power for news networks


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In Japan, most advertisers were blocked out of the rotation, but now they flood the the programming. If I hear the AC "ay-cee" jingle one more time i will probably puke.

Yeah the video with the old lady trying to walk away from the tsunami was most disturbing. It reinforces an image of Japans aged citizens, unable to fend for themselves.

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Pepein, I feel your pain on the AC commercials. I think I would have puked too, if I heard that jungle one more time. I think many would have. Now the TV Stations have silenced the last screen shot. Hmmmmm...I wonder if they were getting complaints?

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I heard AC themselves pulled the last one themselves because it was annoying people so much. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

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Perhaps if there were more and earlier footage of the destruction that took place to my neighbouring country INDONESIA of its tsunami in 2004 fast HELP and relief efforts would have come to them sooner than later and save more lives. As it is we my countrymen we the first to go to Acheh after the disaster and telephone (by satellite) for international HELP. Sometimes it is necessary to show such footage(s) and disaster as soon as possible so that HELP can be sent as soon as possible to save as many lives as possible. Hey, what footage of war? Iraq? Libya?

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Correction ... what I mean is what about the constant footage of 'war'? The 'war' in Iraq, the current situation in Libya?

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I watched cnn and no comparison to all the japanese footage here...but omg that ACEEEEEE had me getting ready for sempuku (harikiri for foreighners) . AC still showing all same commercials but no more sound at ends, just the AC Logo. We hate AC

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I think "Ay-cee" is spoken by one woman, with a very heavy amount of hall reverb.

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The constant repetition of scenes of chaos, destruction etc and being told by the relevant anchors that this a terrible catastrophe is technically known as 'disaster p-rn'. Sadly with each disaster, the voyeuristic stance some media outlets, particularly those Murdoch owned, just gets worse and worse.

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