In 'Star Wars,' classical music has rare giant impact


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"...1983’s “Return of the Jedi” that culminated in Luke’s patricidal killing of Vader."

Well, not quite. Luke does cut off his father's hand during their light saber duel, but Vader dies from wounds sustained while saving his son, Luke, from the wrath of the Emperor.

That aside, the article rightly credits Williams with creating a series of scores that deftly enrich the universe created by Lucas. It is now impossible to imagine Star Wars without the iconic music by John Williams.

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What a coincidence. I just watched JJ Abrahms' Star Trek's edition and, well, first thing I disliked was the score music. While original ST had an elegant element to it, score-wise, JJ Abrahms´ version was really 2010. I mean, tasteless. Hope he respects SW elements and keep scores low-profile. Actually, after watching his Star Trek, I am really afraid of what he's gonna do with Star Wars...

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after watching his Star Trek, I am really afraid of what he's gonna do with Star Wars...

You're in the minority - his take on Star Trek was a hit among fans and non-fans alike. And most are excited about his take on Star Wars.

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Got to agree with Strangerland. I'm from the generation that's been with Star Trek since the original Star Trek TV series and I loved Abram's take on Star Trek.

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Episode II has outstanding music...some of the best Williams has ever written. I had the pleasure of seeing him at The Hollywood Bowl during my college years.

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Although the score of Star Wars sounds outstanding, John Williams borrowed heavily from Gustav Holst's "The Planets" symphony.

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