Japan comes together in ‘Rhythm and Hope’ for World Refugee Day


Refugees International Japan (RIJ) will host an all-day event titled "Rhythm and Hope" to raise awareness of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) on Saturday, June 6, from 1-9 p.m. at New Pier Hall, Tokyo.

Open to the public, "Rhythm and Hope" is being held to inspire people with its multi-media art installations, and interactive workshops to act now in the face of one of the most desperate times for refugees around the world, said RIJ.

"Rhythm and Hope" coincides with World Refugee Day on June 20. The need to inform the public about refugees is now greater than ever with the current conflicts in Darfur and Gaza, RIJ says. This first-time event will present the tremendous challenges facing the over 60 million people worldwide who have been forced to leave their homes. Funds raised will support RIJ’s aid projects worldwide.

“We want to draw attention to the devastating effects conflict has on homelessness, hunger, social issues and environmental degradation, but also showcase innovative ways to help and inspire people with films and art about refugees and IDPs and how they are rebuilding their lives with hope,” says Jane Best, CEO of Refugees International Japan.

The festival will also include workshops and examples of what companies and people can do to make a difference, including Benetton and its microcredit and CSR programs that are changing communities.

"Rhythm and Hope" will show the stages of each refugee’s journey. In three distinct spaces, titled Pain, Hope and Future, experience their stories through film screenings, multi-media exhibitions and workshops. Traveling through Pain, learn about the ripple effects of conflict. Moving through Hope, hear the personal stories of refugees around the world. In the evening see the way their Pain and Hope has been translated into the Future with the documentary about the lives of former refugees and now world-acclaimed musical group, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

Tickets are 3,000 yen in advance through RIJ’s website and Lawson Ticket, or 3,500 yen at the door.

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and Japan takes in exactly how many refugees every year? one? two?

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And who in Japan takes care of the homeless people, but mostly foreigners?

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No doubt about it, Japan should take in more refugees. The only problem is the verification process. Canada as well as other countries have been burned by their overly lax rules.

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Japan comes together in ‘Rhythm and Hope’ for World Refugee Day....and 25 babies were left at Kumamoto baby hatch in fiscal 2008.....and quick look the other way there is another homeless person!!!!!!!

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How exactly has Canada been "burned" by "overly lax rules"?

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and Japan takes in exactly how many refugees every year? one? two? About 300 per year officially

or maybe many more since many came from China and Korea in the old days

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Japan comes together in ‘Rhythm and Hope’ and wishes refugees goodbye and good luck.

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