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Japan falls for novel on management guru Drucker


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management and comedy classes, sounds about right,good mix

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Make a Manga story to teach famous Western management principles. Right on.

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space monkey: First of all, "the medium is the message". Capice??? Look up Marshall Mcluhan if it doesn't ring a bell. SECONDLY - Drucker's ideas are not ubiqitously practised in No America . . . There IS an appreciable difference between European & No American culture - - There are grades of differences in what is meant by "west". If Druckers "principles ' were practiced in the USA you wouldn't see the wholesale raping of the American worker by callous CEO's of the BIG Corps.

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a tragedy-filled story of 10 years of a high school baseball team, “kind of like ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude.’”

。。。 or not.

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Drucker's ideas always seemed good to me. However, my experience is that in the US his ideas were taken by corporations and simply used as yet another attempt to browbeat workers and replace them with computers.

When I worked at W. R. Grace, for example, we went through all the Total Quality stuff, all the stuff about taking responsibility, etc. We would watch videos about people taking the initiative to order a helicopter to make sure something got delivered "just-in-time", yet I still needed about five signatures to order a $2,000 pump.

Somehow management never saw the disconnect, or more likely no one would point it out to J. Peter Grace.

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