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Japanese fans speak on evolution of 'Godzilla'


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I loved this version of Godzilla. This time around was very different than all the other times I watched Godzilla as a kid.

Rewind the clocks about 30 years for me. I was just a kid in the U.S. I think it the broadcaster was KTLA in the Los Angeles area. Sunday during the day after the morning cartoons was "Monster Day". This was before Elvira took over HORROR flicks.

Anyway, I remember watching the old Dai-Kaiju flicks in black and white!! All I can remember now is destruction and some school kid running around in those tight elementary shorts. Godzilla really is the King of Monsters.

The feeling I had yesterday was surreal but very much a reality. I watched my first Godzilla movie in Japan, that was mixed with an international cast with bits and pieces in both languages with Japanese people all around me. WOW. I'm so close to the epicenter of these monster battles that I can almost feel the tremors in the theater.

I desperately wanted to listen to other Japanese fans banter while walking out of the theater. Did they like it? Did they find as just as ridiculously cool and funny as I did? I'm still wondering. Or do they feel Godzilla is a member of their family? Anyway I hope they loved it.

I always get this question from Japanese "Why did you come to Japan?" My fellow Japanese readers, "Godzilla" is a big answer to that question. Not sure what sparked your interest to learn English or travel overseas but for me Godzilla definitely sparked my interest in Japan. Gundam should be shaking Godzilla's claw with appreciation. Godzilla did all the work. It would be an ugly monument in Odaiba but Godzilla deserves the space alot more than any other icon Japan has to offer.

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As a child growing up in Chicago, I'll., I was fascinated by all the Godzilla movies that came out! Sometimes, I would see them 3 times, or more. (If my mother would let me!) And even as I'm 53 yrs old now, I still enjoy watching them. ( although the '98 version was a Hugh disappointment!), I haven't seen the latest one yet, but if there's going to be a sequal with Mothra, Rodan, & King Gidora thrown into the mix, well count me in!!

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The one thing I missed in seeing this movie was the famous tune composed by Akira Ifukube. You just can have Godzilla appearing without that music on loop. LoL

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The almost comical battle scenes, which take place underwater and in the sky as well as in urban landscapes, are the highlights.

Ah someone who clearly has problems suspending his/her disbelief for 90 minutes.

The film, whose tagline was “Size does matter,” portrayed Godzilla as an enlarged tyrannosaurus rex running amok in New York, stomping on yellow cabs and chewing up delivery trucks.

No, the 98 US version was an IGUANA.

Like FPSRussia it was Godzilla that fuelled my interest in Japan as a child. First one I saw was "Son of Godzilla" in the 1970s, and after seeing some more I started to look for anything that mentioned him. That led me to an interest in Japanese films and anime in the 80s, then the comics.... anime and manga passed but my interest in Japan just increased... then I went to Japan in 2006 and fell in love with the place... and in 2009 fell in love IN Japan. Didn't last sadly, but we're still friends and I still go to Japan every year and we hang out... and I have to thank Gojira for that. If it wasn't for that gormless little Minira I would never have had this wonderful country in my heart.

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No, the 98 US version was an IGUANA.

Agreed. It looked like a green iguana on 'roids.

I'm partial to the 90's Godzilla, but perhaps just because that's when I took my son. We saw every one, during winter vacation every year. The new Hollywood Godzilla....I can't warm up to it. It has no neck, it looks like it's spent too much time in donut shops!

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And it has tiny feet.

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I'm glad that the new 'Gojira' film went over well. Hollywood can do things right, when it actually digs in and tries. I rather liked the film myself as well :)

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Godzilla 2014 is a triumph! I think any true Godzilla fan will respect what Gareth Edwards has managed to do. The final scene is a stand-up-and-punch-the-air moment. Loved it!

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