Japanese women enamored of 'Mr Right' love game apps

By Kimiteru Tsuruta

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After being saved from kidnapping, you discover you’re the daughter of the prime minister and your life is in imminent danger....You are introduced to a handful of handsome bodyguards...with all the men slender and elegant.

With bodyguards "slender and elegant" trying to protect you, no wonder you were kidnapped in the first place.

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Ah, from the land that brought you the 'strong arm' pillow (or whatever it's called). Anything to avoid dealing with reality.

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Read a book, already. It'll improve concentration and vocabulary.

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Is everybody living in a fantasy or what? Too tired for a relationship but not for a stupid game. There are more troubling issues which most won't admit to. S-a-d.

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Is everybody living in a fantasy or what?

Possibly... or maybe we're all in little containers, like on Matrix, imagining that we're having a life. Anyway, on the upside, if you don't get along with a virtual partner, you can just delete him or her. It's when people try to transfer this ethic into the real world, or what they believe is the real world, that they have problems.

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Combinibento, I'm slender and elegant too. But don't mess, my friend. Heh heh heh...

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"Slender and elegant"

Women ranting against the unrealistic and anorexic models in the popular media because of the unrealistic and harmful body image it portrays... but now we're seeing the same trend with men.

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This is just too pathetic haha!

No wonder J-guys have such a tough time with all those slender elegant "men " in womens ketai's LOL!!!

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Japan is so dis-functual it defies reason.

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...yet they're complaining about their population dropping, women not wanting to get married, men unable to find females, seriously Japan. Do you not SEE obvious common sense type things?

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So they've countered the "galge" genre with "guyge"? Sounds fair to me. It goes to show that girls can be just as deluded as guys.

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Escapism for the win. Don't deal with the pesky reality, dear Japanese. Better sink into your keitai, be a yes-man at work and fantasize your life away.

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