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Japan's granny 'Dreamgirls' bitten by cheerleading bug


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I have just been bitten on my Pom Poms!

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Any aging otaku out there?

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Hell some of them ladies look pretty damn good! More power to them, I bet they can run circles around plenty of guys half their age!

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Hell some of them ladies look pretty damn good!

Calm down, Grandpa.

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Isn't this an old story?

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At least they are wearing full body stockings... I would hate to see something fly out

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Some days your left speechless, and you can't make a appropriate comment, I think that this is one of those days!!

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despite it traditionally being the preserve of teenage girls

Not true. Female cheerleaders are a relatively recent pattern in Japan. College and high school cheerleaders have traditionally been guys in Japan and you still see them dressed usually in those black prewar style school uniforms called gakuran.

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