Japan’s hip-hop dancing granny shows off her moves in new 'Rice Dance' video

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

Last year, we were blown away by a trio of grandmothers who showed off some impressive hip-hop moves as they danced to the title track from Bruno Mars’ album “24K Magic“. Since then, the dancing world moved on with a new dance craze called the “Koi Dance” or “Love Dance“, which swept through the country thanks to a popular Japanese drama, even catching the attention of the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, late last year.

Now, following on from the success of the “Koi Dance” craze, one of Japan’s dancing grandmothers has returned in a fascinating video that showcases a brand new “Kome Dance” or “Rice Dance“. Organised by the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, the clip is designed to promote the benefits of eating rice to generations young and old, with a dance that combines some of the country’s oldest traditions with its modern “kawaii” or “cute” pop culture.

Let’s take a look at the new dance clip below.

The star of the No Rice No Life clip is a 60-year-old grandmother who goes by the stage name “Tachiflower“. She usually appears with her dance partner, 57-year-old Mash, as part of a dance duo called “Bamboo Shoot”, but in this new clip she stars alone, accompanied by two young back-up dancers, whom she has no trouble keeping up with.

The energetic trio can be seen dancing in front of some popular spots around Tokyo, including the famous Rainbow Bridge.

The dance is set to a song that promotes the benefits of “kome” or “rice”, a word which is repeated constantly throughout the clip. The lyrics explain that rice is full of nutrients and low in fats, and gives you all the energy you need to get up and dance.

As part of the new “No Rice No Life” campaign, the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations has also released a behind-the-scenes video so viewers can see how the cute clip was made.

With so many young people opting for western food and shunning calorie-rich rice these days, it’s nice to see Tachiflower come out to keep old dining traditions alive. If we all get to dance like her at that age, we’ll definitely be eating rice for days!

Source: Japaaan

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yawn... the other dancers were mildly attractive but

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kick ass! I see so many young adults eat a lot of sweet white breads. I don't care for rice, but it's a lot more healthier than eating only sweet white bread with some jam or cheese or ham on top.

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