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Japan's 'Pornaldo' keeps scoring as male actors fizzle


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"Don't worry too much, Ken, nobody is really looking at you."

You wouldn't believe how many women are looking at him...

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Hmm, but it's not like men haven't been around several blocks also.

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so there's 10,000 girls that you need to watch out for.. the scary thing about J-women, you don't know if the one you married has done porn or not....

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Two or three girls a day, two hours total per day. Not the longest sessions by any means.

Men prefer to go straight to the point as many times as possible. It's those girls who are getting short-shrift!

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Two or three girls a day, two hours total per day. Not the longest sessions by any means.

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I think this guy has a sports cup on! Some kind of Stud-y

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wtfjapanMay. 11, 2015 - 01:43PM JST

Lucky guy slept with over 7000 jporn girls and those girls are cute ...not that im against cute girls, but is this something youd be proud to tell your children or future wife...

@wtfjapan: c'mon man, us guy posters here, we're just admiring the guy from a "fantasy world" perspective. No need to pipe up with your reality comments here, we're all well aware of that side of the story. (lol)

A few more thoughts:

1) I'd like to try and stay positive by saying that 2-3 times per day may not be that difficult when we're talking about 2 or 3 different girls a day... (I mean, these are purely physical short term relationships, right?)

2) How many other guys here have ever thought of a porn star name for themselves?

3) Let's stay away from calling them "actors"... I think the term "performers" better suits their profession. Who watches AV's for the "acting" anyway?

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I wonder what his Mum and Dad think, the other 69 blokes and those 10000 girls/women/ladies, ubiquitous and often in easy view in convenient stores: What do their mums, dads, grandparents think? Seriously. Is it accepted by them because the willies and ullies are hidden by a mosaic?

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Maybe the issue isn't the lack of men but that there's so many women who want to do it god bless them

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“I’ll do this until I’m 100.” (not if you get AIDS mate!)

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A>N> Other. As long as it didn't leave your co-star feeling empty then was ok.....

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Lucky guy slept with over 7000 jporn girls and those girls are cute** not that im against cute girls, but is this something youd be proud to tell your children or future wife (if they have any) is it fine to lie to them to keep them from the truth, also if you have children and there fathers recognised as a past/present porn star what do you tell your kids if there bullied over it. your past will in many cases catch up with you, many people in these industries dont really think about problems that may arise in there futures. not to mention your quickly discarded once your youth fades.

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Don't worry too much, Ken, nobody is really looking at you.

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Ken 'Pornaldo' Shimizu attributes his excessive rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch on Japanese reindeer supplements and drinking snake extract. Shimiken antler amatory affliction coupled with irresistible compulsion for mamba venom will result in total hip arthroplasty before his fortieth...........

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The main reason there is a lack of guys is the pay, not interest. I knew a guy in the industry who earned only 20,000 per movie and he was actually quite popular. New guys get only 5-10,000 yen per movie which is hardly worth it to become known as a porn actor.

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Just a suggestion, the US and EU has a good pool of male porn stars that they can call over. Y'know, declining birth rate and all that.

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“There are about 70 male actors to 10,000 women.”

That's a great ratio!

"I have sex for about two hours every day,”

I can do about 5 minutes of serious sex, then I need eight hours of sleep and a bowl of Wheaties.

( OK, I stole that one from Richard Pryor )

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He's a manwhore.

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I am updating my CV, do they take part-time?** if your Japanese you may get work, but there are very few male gaijin AV stars, when there is they bascially take over the scene with the J guys doing the motions in the background. they dont want to set the standards so high that more J guys dont feel they can make it in the industry. theres are few very popular halfu AV women, Maria Ozawa come to mind.

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all i can say is ..... keep on keeeeeeeeepin on!!

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@wc people mistake what a stud is, when you basically getting paid and the ladies are getting paid of course the sex will come easily, bit like calling a male prostitute a stud, the money takes the challenge away. without his fame and the money and i doubt hed get laid once a week. LOL. sleeping with that many women, its only a matter of time before he'll contract a STD.

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Right wtf. Can't make butter with a toothpick. This cat prob never had any Latina booty or N. Minaj Superbass-

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“He’s a stud,”** lol his assets are mediocre at best. these poor Japanese AV queens wouldnt know a stud unless it fell into there laps. and you understand why theres so much mosaic in J porn, and so few male stars mostly to hide there embarrassment.

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Boogie Nights!

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70 Males to 10,000 ladies????? REALLY??

I am updating my CV, do they take part-time? I can help to ease his exhaustive workloads maybe by 2-3 tasks a week though...... I don't mind 1 with 2 or 3 per session ......and where do I send my CV???

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If anyone's interested, he's all over Google images. Also, I found he has already been on TV. He has been on TV with Matsuko Delux. Yeah, who else.

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I tried it once, but the experience just left me feeling empty.

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Lucky guy slept with over 7000 jporn girls and those girls are cute

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One other thing is that Japan has never been Christianized, so there is really no sex taboo. There is no "evil" sex. I have always found that this is the most difficult point for non-Japanese to understand about Japanese attitude to sex. If he wants to, he can quit porn and go legit, and be on TV like Ai Ijima and many others. One NHK film reviewer in the 90s (I can't remember his name) started in soft porn. There are many others. Producers would love him because they know his millions of fans will follow him to TV and watch his shows. And think of all the sex gags he could do. That is a good point about Japanese culture.

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I guess this is good news for us men who aren't herbivores.

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This reflects changing attitudes. When I was at university in the late 90s, some classmates made a few AV movies as a part time job. There was no stigma but just lots of curiosity or amazement. There were advertisements in adult magazines sold at convenience stores. And one movie paid tuition for a semester. One factor is that nowadays young guys are a lot more body shy than they were (we all went to the public bath everyday). Plus now there is infinite exposure on the internet rather than a few thousand people viewing through mail order, so chances of being identified or stared at by strangers were small.

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Shimizu sure has great staying power - he has been in the business since he was 18! Plenty of Japanese teen girls start out in the industry each year - its a mystery why more teen guys don't. Maybe Shimizu-San will inspire the next generation! Dream job, no doubt about it!

Now, lets get rid of those damn pixels!

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It is boring for viewers to watch the same actors all the time. That’s the biggest worry.

Don't worry, I don't think most men even notice the male actors.

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This guy is a legend... and with good taste in cars.

Good luck to him.

I would take up his suggestion but I'm overage and overweight and 2 or 3 times a day is so long ago I can't remember...

Also, I'm a white guy and, as everybody knows, white guys have no role in the Japanese sex industry.

Black guys feature in a few vids but no white guys... funny that. Why is it?

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For those who want to know more, they made a nice documentary about life as a male Japanese porn star called "The other side of sex ( セックスの向こう側 AV男優という生き方 ) ". Shimiken is in it and other familiar faces for those of you who watch J-porn.

セックス セックスの向こう側 AV男優という生き方

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Believe me: I hear ya. But...

I wouldn't take his job. I love my wife. Even more, I like my wife. And that just wouldn't work.

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Id take this guys job over mine anyday. Whats he driving in that picture? A DeLorean?

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If your resume has dust on it, forget about it.

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“There are about 70 male actors to 10,000 women.”


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Ahahaha-- @harvey . . . Good one. LoL, wonder what your cover letter reads like.

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Dusting off my resume now.

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I think it's just performance anxiety that keeps the men here at bay. If they're immediately sized up in comparison to this guy and his 'legend', I think it would be pretty hard, so to speak, to go in from the start and think of pursuing it as a life-long career. And then if you decide that you don't like it, after the fact, then there IS the very real change you WILL be ridiculed and have less of a chance at a normal career and life because there could be some stigma attached (I think it would be worse for women, but depending on the job you are pursuing could also affect men). This isn't about random volunteers, of whom there are many I'm sure, popping off in one video with their faces covered and sunglasses on -- it's about finding and keeping RECOGNIZABLE actors.

Anyway, hats off to this guy, to an extent. I just hope that if he wishes it (and doesn't already have it) that he can find a normal relationship in the future.

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Who cares,it's all pixelated anyway and the women over do it with their girlish crying.

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“We’re an endangered species,” he said in an interview. “There are about 70 male actors to 10,000 women.”

I am sure the commenters above me and below me are available to hire given the job criteria.

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This guy has the dream gig of a thousand lifetimes. I'll have to look him up sometime. I hardly every look at the guys to begin with.

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This cat is pretty cool. The Japanese "Don Jon".

I don't watch j-porn though cause the women are boring. Seen one, seen em' all. And I certainly dont want to check out the guys such as this cat.

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That's a De Lorian !!!!!!!

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I bet he goes home and the last thing on his mind is homework.

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''...a genius.'

Let's not get carried away with describing his abilities.

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This is the best article I've ever read.

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The person writing this must have had a wee chuckle to himself! I am surprised that there are not more puns or innuendo! "Is it a hard job?", "Is it 6-9 job all the time?", "Where does one see himself in 2 years time? Always on top?" - snort, snort!

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