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Johnny Depp as Tonto generates mixed feelings among Native Americans

By Manuel Valdes

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No mention of (Hi Ho) Silver?

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Depp never ceases to amaze.

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i like Depp, but i agree, tonto should be played by a Native American.

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Any excuse to wear make up and be camp on screen.

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Hollywood, up to it's old tricks again...............

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The crow is overkill.

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How is it possible that this article does not mention the native American origins of Depp ? he is half Indian and this is what gives him his particular looks...

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Penelope...which tribe, I wonder? That is rather cool news.

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he would have been more troubled had a Native American taken the role, knowing its history.


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@Farmboy: Can you name the source of the info? I'd like to read it in its entirety, but I can see that, since he surmised and guessed his heritage in 2011, not long before the film release is to be made, it makes it very incredulous.

Depp has surmised that he is part Native American, saying in 2011, "I guess I have some Native American [in me] somewhere down the line.

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"Native Americans" prefer to be called American Indians. EVERYONE born in the US is a Native American. To call American Indians "Native Americans" is an attempt to erase them from history.

I have American Indian blood, I've taken classes at university about American Indian culture, history and literature and educated myself further about those subjects. Furthermore, I had friends that were American Indians when I lived in Oregon.

Americans from India are called Indian Americans, BTW.

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Depp is good at stereotypes.

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Plain old Hollywood racism.

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"Tonto" is a Spanish word that means "idiot". This should have been in the article. Having ppl speak overly broken English, and having all members of some group ONLY speak broken English is really a thin line to tread, in terms of stereotypes. I would not want to go on J tv and be a Gaijin speaking stupid Jpns w/a heavy accent. Charicatures are insulting. Won't know about this movie til I see it, of course. But

Could they not change the name of the character tho?

Depp was in another movie w/ American Indians in it, that was really good. "Deadman" by Jarmushc. It was one of the best portrayals of Indians in movies, as far as just existing normally in their culture (It wasn't really about Am-indians, but they were in the story), I highly recommend it. (Depp played not an Indian but a White).

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