'Kawaii' queen Kyary Pamyu Pamyu eyes global domination


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her backing dancers—pint-sized Kyary clones—supplied more saccharine sweetness to the kawaii overload

Spot on with using 'saccharine' to describe the performance -as in an artificial, made-in-a-lab-by-a-team, substitute for natural sweetness which is devoid of nutritional energy and health benefits, leaves a bitter metallic aftertaste, is rumored to cause cancer, and only consumed by those who can't appreciate real tastes.

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I have no particular dislike of Kyary. Some of her music is catchy, but after I understood the lyrics they're just nonsense for the most part.

She can definitely find a niche in New York, LA or any other major city, but it will be hard to attract new/large crowds outside of anime/nerd circles as she doesn't really offer anything new. Still, if she's determined, I bet she can find a way to make it work.

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Sweet mother. I'm so relieved she doesn't represent my country.

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I like some of her music.

She is doing very well for her age, singer, manager and producer and has her own clothing line too.

Her overseas concerts are sold out fast.

I wish her all the best for her future.

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Maybe she could, I dunno, study singing at the same time?

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It wouldn't be a JT comment section without hatred expressed for someone who is doing well for themselves.

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I think she's very creative with her videos, though I'm not a close follower of her career. Some of her stuff is a combination of absurdist, metaphysical, and cutesy, rolled into a candy wrapper.


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Maybe she could, I dunno, study singing at the same time?

This is 2015, why sing when you have auto tune?

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@Strangerland 9:41a, JST - You took the words right out of my mouth ! Well said !

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'Kawaii' queen Kyary Pamyu Pamyu eyes global domination

Huh? She's nowhere near Ariana Grande's global dominance. No wonder Ariana dominated the Marine Stage (not kyari) last Saturday evening @ QVC.

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I can't even find the right adjective.....

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There's something about her that attracts me and something that repulses me. But I can't figure out why either way.

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Interesting how some artists from here hit it off overseas, and many don't. Why? Something about KPP which is hard to pin down - like a pink taffeta skirt. What?

Too sweet for my cup of green tea though.

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Her Pon Pon Pon video where she barfs eyeballs has profound things to say about the Japanese psyche, as did songs such as Maboroshi no Inochi by her former boyfriend, Fukase who she split up with recently. I think the chef in his Anti-Hero is a spoof of the fat woman in Pon Pon Pon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzC4hFK5P3g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9V5aByfeCM

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I wish her well, but no English, no global domination

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Not my cup of tea but good luck to her. Can say that my son' and his friends in London ar very keen on anime and manga and cosplay and all. Bet this will go down a storm with them also.

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Huh? What was that? Started reading and fell into a diabetic coma...

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It wouldn't be a JT comment section without hatred expressed for someone who is doing well for themselves.

Strangerland - Hitler and Stalin did well for themselves. Are they immune from criticism, too?

Moderator: Hitler and Stalin? Incredible, the way you go off topic.

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if she's that good may be she could represent us in the eurovision song contest next year, lets face it anything is better than the (expletive) we send to Europe

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Good luck. given the increasing popularity of cosplay and associated stuff globally, she might just gain a following. although she will probably not be as popular as Hitler or Stalin, nor as successful. so I guess we will get our chance to mock her achievements at some later date, eh Hamaguri.

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“I’m happy for people to liken me to Katy Perry or Lady Gaga so I’m working hard to emulate them and become a global star,”

Maybe she can ask Sano to help her master the copying other successes, thing. This woman may be somewhat unique on the Japan stage, after indeed copying the styles of Gaga and Perry, but I don't think she'll fly at all on the world stage unless it's as some kind of "weird Japanese thing", which I don't think people want.

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Didn't Ariana Grande prove that girls can be cute and successful without resorting to elaborately childish costumes?

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I think both Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, sharing the same producer, have a affinity that endear the LGBT community in the UK, the Kylie factor I guess.....

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.....at the Roundhouse London Sunday 11 October....the venue suits her style...


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Japanese Cute Culture does not export and never will.

Because it sucks.

Everyone knows this. Except the infantile in Japan and those who apologize for them.

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the costume is too much. the video musics are a little scary. does she base her music and videos on anime? there seems to be a big change needed if world domination is the prime goal. ambitious but i don't know if she can reach that given her current streams on youtube.

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She is somewhat original, I will give her that. But what she is producing is a visual experience, not an aural one. World domination? You're 'avin' a laugh...

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It's an aural one as well. Not music I'm into, but listen to her songs a few times and they'll get stuck in your head.

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listen to her songs a few times and they'll get stuck in your head.

A bit like if someone hammered a tent-peg through your ear-drum.... ; )

Actually, I'm kidding, her songs have a decent beat and they're pretty melodic.

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helium-voiced singer

Wow, another Rola.

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Despite extraordinary fame in her home country and frequent comparisons to American divas Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, the popette wants to capture hearts and minds further afield.

Don't hold your breath little popette. Kawaii is uniquely Japanese.

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Dream on, l'l girl

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why is it that Japanese think that there infatuation with all things cute is a worldwide phenomena. when I came to japan many years ago one of the first things that struck me was how crazy Japanese were about all things cute, thats just grown exponentially over the years

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Kary has absolutely no enthusiasm. When KP greeted her on Music Station (bck in 2013), KP seemed so outgoing and excited. Kary looked about as stirred up as a cesspool . . . . Even with a translator.

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I saw a clip of a documentary on Kary Pamyu Pamyu.

Some very interesting points:

1) Although super kawaii/cute... her stuff is not overly sexual, not even in the deviant lolita way that seems rife in a lot of anime and j-pop.

2) When she was interviewed in the documentary she talked in a very down to earth way -NOT staying in character with the over the top pikachu voice.

3) She mentioned her fascination with cuteness to the point of it being something else, even something scary... She sounded like an artist exploring something to an extreme. She acknowledged that she was trying to push a boundary.

4) At her concert in LA she was really excited to see a mother and a daughter at her concert instead of the usual cosplay and otaku crowd (Not that she was dissing her fan-base but she was interested in expanding her audience).

Her music may not be the most palatable to everyone... but she's no different then Bjork, Lori Anderson, Lady Gaga or the creators of the movie 'the 5th element'. AKB48 is way more creepy and bizarre.

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i literally wouldn't be reading japan today if i hadn't stumbled on to kyary two years ago...she led me to her fantastic songwriter yasutaka nakata,,,which led me to perfume...which led me to daito manabe and the company that does their amazing computer graphics and tech support, rhizomatiks...and finally to all the english language japanese hard news i can find

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