KISS hails Gaga, says other musicians look like 'garbage collectors'


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Whateve! Kiss sucks. Always have. All show and no talent.

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It's about what you look like, it's how you sound. And coming from KISS, who look stupid and sound crap, it just sounds silly.

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-Guess they all "Knew" Lady GaGa before she became one,,,HummmmmmmmmmmHummmmer!!!

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Wow! Such negative attitudes, well they have the same right of freedom of speech and expression as any one else in the free world. I have also had the privilege of meeting Mr. Stanley and he is a fine gentleman and an excellent family man ( met his wife and daughter at the same time). The fact that they say they do not like the group Pussy Riot, but stood up for the girls right of free speech says a lot about the character of these men.

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Tell it like it is!

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Ah, just plain silly. Silly nonsense from these chaps. They haven't a clue what they're talking about. Funny how one can gain 0 wisdom in "40 years."

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Sound like a bunch of grandparents. "The music is not as good as in my day!" Guess what guys. You were never any good. They are pathetic.

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Kiss....I never liked them. I always thought they were true posers. Garbage Collectors...I thought that is what most of their stage gear was made of. They are less than average musicians talent wise....so tell me about Rush, I see them looking like every day people. I guess what he means by garbage collectors....are bands like Led Zepplin ..The Beattles, who never wore all the garbage that Kiss wears. Thats right some bands rely on talent...song writing ability, harmonies...melodies. Kiss was very popular but what I always saw was young kids..10-15 years old when they first came out. Everyone talked about the make up or blood...or your guitar on fire...which by the way was done by Hendrix long before KISS. They never really talked about a song....weird huh. I guess the only way Kiss can stay in the limelight is to open their mouths....Gaga...all she did was rip off Elton John - Liberace <- how ever you spell it.

None the less....KISS did make a crap load of money off the populace and that I have to respect.

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And now some believe she is a transgender shemale? Gaga would have made a swell Toyota Ad?<>

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KISS still rocks hard after all these years. If you don't like their music, that's fine, to each his own. But you have to respect their accomplishments, great performances time and again, and marketing. They have withstood the test of time unlike most Pop-artists have or will.

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"so tell me about Rush, I see them looking like every day people"

You are aware that Rush once opened for KISS, right?

Mr. Simmons is referring to NEW contemporary artists, not those who made their bones back in the day but are still performing.

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