Ex-husband of Oshio’s late lover expresses anger


Manabu Oshio, whose trial over the illegal use of narcotics has been set for Oct 23, has been released on bail, and at this time it appears he will not be charged with negligence for the death of the Ginza hostess who overdosed while she was with him. So far, the family of the deceased woman has received no words of apology or condolence from Oshio.

The 45-year-old ex-husband of "A" agreed to an interview by Shukan Post. The man, identified as "B," who owns and manages a restaurant in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, married A seven years ago. They divorced four years later, after which A moved to Tokyo and started working as a hostess in Shinjuku and Ginza. It was during this time that A had met Oshio.

On the day of the interview, B had received a letter from A’s parents, who reside in Gifu. The messages “Let it go,” “Cheer up” and “Thank you” were words of comfort from his former in-laws – as though they were speaking on behalf of their late daughter. B explained that he decided to speak to the media "to bring closure to the matter." Upon hearing about Oshio’s behavior and that he won’t be prosecuted for A’s death, he felt it was important to ensure that the public doesn’t forget the incident so soon.

“Oshio initially said he didn’t realize that the tablets were narcotics, and blamed it all on A. Then he changes his statement and admits he knew they were drugs. He could’ve called for an ambulance, which he didn’t, and fled from the scene instead. How can that not be a crime? It’s unforgivable.”

B is also disturbed by the way the media has depicted A. Showing several photos of A he brought with him, he requested Shukan Post not to use those which showed the tattoo on A’s shoulder. “The media uses the tattoo to portray her negatively. She got the tattoo in her teens when she had an abortion – it was her way of reminding herself for the rest of her life of the mistake she had made. She didn’t do it for fun.”

B fell in love with A at first sight at a kyabakura seven years ago in Toyama. He reflected on how long it took him to convince her to go on a date. Eventually they moved in together and married six months later, but divorced because of B’s extramarital affairs. Yet they kept in touch, calling each other on a regular basis and continued to be good friends. B comments on how she kept saying her only goal was to open her own club in Ginza some day.

Their contact ended abruptly some time late last year. “She stopped returning my calls which never happened before, and eventually I decided I should refrain from calling her too.” Terminating the communication is something that B says he regrets most. “I never heard about Oshio from her, but she must have met those people who led her to her death around then. I just knew something was wrong – if only I had gone to her and asked what was going on…”

The ex-husband referred to the possibility that A’s parents may file a civil lawsuit against Oshio, and that he was prepared to give them his full support.

“She wasn’t a drug user when we were married. What did those people do to her? Until this is accounted for, there will be another death just like it happened to A.”

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“Oshio initially said he didn’t realize that the tablets were narcotics, and blamed it all on A. Then he changes his statement and admits he knew they were drugs. He could’ve called for an ambulance, which he didn’t, and fled from the scene instead. How can that not be a crime? It’s unforgivable.”

Indeed! (This behavior sounds so familiar.)

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What did those people do to her?


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What do C and D have to say about this?

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... this article confuses me. I mean I get it but the letters irritate me, haha.

This gives us a better picture of the victim, and it just makes her story that much sadder. Especially this line:

<i>She got the tattoo in her teens when she had an abortion – it was her way of reminding herself for the rest of her life of the mistake she had made. She didn’t do it for fun.</i>

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This is one of those rare heartwarming stories where not a single person involved could be worth our pathos.

Oshio: a washed up nobody (at 31) who does nothing while someone next to him is dying. Married, but alone with naked hostess in apartment.

A-san: no angel herself. worked in kyabakura, child out of wedlock, married and divorced, hostess

"her only goal was to open her own club in Ginza some day."

That's like all the waiters in L.A. who are someday gonna be scriptwriters or Hollywood stars.

B-san: frequents kyabakura, married and divorced due to extra-marital affair(s)

Hate to throw stones, but this is like a tragic comedy.

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Crimea river

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DJ Fuzz. The fact that you lack empathy says more about your compassion for other people than it does about the people in this story. You need to realize that few people in this world are perfect yet they all deserve compassion and empathy.

A-san was just another example of how Japan objectifies women leaving them with few options to make their living. Office work is often underpaid and glass ceilings have been replaced with hardened steel ceilings keeping most from having long term career prospects.

Likewise the shallow way that talentless "talento" are elevated to god like status in Japan has lured more people into bad situtations.

As for those waiters in LA. Dreams make us real my friend. Realistic or not they give people hope. Some will achieve those dreams and become what they desire to. Others will not, but those dreams may carry them through what they need to survive in this world.

I feel for A and for B. For A I wish the world had cared more about her as a person rather than as an object of attraction. For B I feel for him because he now bears the weight of feeling responsible for what happened.

For Oshio, he should count his blessings that I do not rule law in Japan. Or he would be serving our an involntuary volunteer period of five years in Helmud province Afghanistan where he would learn humility, fear, the power of self sacrifice and respect for human life.

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I hope it doesn't have to go to a civil suit.Oshio needs to go down for this.He is already hanging out in Ginza living it up,according to the Japanese press..and why wouldn't he? He obviously feels he is above the law.

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I'm with the DJ. All participants in this tale come across as losers. Irony is they are all trying to present themselves as deserving of respect/sympathy/attention.

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Wakarimasen. And what if someone decided you were a loser? Because from his or her perspective your life was not up to their expectations.

There are a lot of people out there struggling with their own realities. To impose the world loser on people shows little compassion. Would it kill you to care about a poor girl who died young from making a few mistakes?

Some of history's greatest people had periods in their lives that were dark, seedy or filled with human weakness. Yet many rose above that to later become great people.

When you dismiss people as losers you dehumanize them. You take away the potential of what they may have become or may have contributed to the world. To tag them as loser and to dismiss them as human waste is wrong. Very wrong.

The poor girl is dead, dead for making a few bad choices. We all make bad choices at some point, thankfully they are not usually fatal decisions. I feel for this girl and for the great cruelty that Oshio showed in failing to help her when she fell ill.

But even Oshio I don't write off. His time volunteering in Afghanistan could potentially mold him into a new human being with a sense of purpose and a capcity to be of value to the world. It is just a shame that I can't impose this sentence on him to test his potential.

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I said that they come across as losers. By the standards of society they are probably on the winner side of the equation. Actor, hostess etc. He won't volunteer and won't go to Afghanistan. and even if he does, how is that a good thing? You think the Afghans want him or need his assistance? Afghanistan shows respect for human life?

Moderator: Readers, no further references to Afghanistan please.

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Wakirmasen. My point about him serving out a volunteer sentence is just an example. I think he needs to be taught lessons about humanity and about caring for people. What better way than if the courts sentence him to some kind of substantial humanitarian service?

Oshio let that girl die because he was trying to cover his own behind. He should be tried and found guilty of a criminal offence. But in reality he will likely walk through with little or no consequence for her death.

I think societies should punish criminals not with long prison terms or fines, but make them go out and learn to be better human beings by putting their own lives on the line to help others. Even if that help is given by force of sentence and not by choice.

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Tkoind. Nice sentiments, but if Oshio has already shown he is a selfish and irresponsible person, why inflict more of him on the rest of society? Who is going to make sure that while he is out there "doing good" he isn't taking drugs or sleeping with hookers or lying etc? It a tragedy that this girl died from taking E (if it were legal she might not have gotten a bad pill and might still be alive) but you have to admit that the way the story reads all of the particpants don't seem worthy or respect or sympathy.

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Nothing to do with this thread, but how does one copy scomments made by a previous poster and insert them in one's own post? Mod?

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highlight the sentence to be copied with your mouse, Cont + c and then Cont + v it into your own post. Keeping it highlighted click on "Quote" at the top of your comment window.

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Ex-husband of Oshio’s late lover expresses anger

Good to see the gutter press clutching at straws as usual. It seems that the world has moved on from this sad affair, but the pond life that represents Japan's weekly gossip rags are unwilling to let it go.

I must also say that B seems to be a fine and upstanding citizen. Who knows if he had managed to keep his assets in his strides, his ex might both still be alive, and still be his wife.

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I think it's strange that the name of an adult who died in someone else's apartment has not been released.

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I agree 100% with tkoind2.

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In an era of convenient and highly accessible information, there tends to exist a belief that:

1) all information on the internet is FACT and 2) all data regarding a situation has been equally and objectively presented.

In the case of Oshio-san and "A" (Kokorocloud, these letter designations frustrate me too)it is quite likely that this is NOT the case. Let's all agree that prior to this unfortunate event, Oshio-san's coverage by the Japanese media was less than favorable. Just look at the difference in coverage between Noriko Sakai and Oshio. Did anyone ever think that the reason why Sakai went on the run was to ensure a negative urinalysis? That theory was conveniently absent from every newspaper that I read. Could it be because she, like Akiko, is a darling of the Japanese media? (just a thought)

Like most people on this board, I am not a high profile celebrity, however it so happens that several of my closest friends are. Being around them for years I've come to realize that the way that both the US and Japanese media manipulate situations and words simply to sell advertisement space and increase readership is abominable. They vilify those celebrities that don't show the media respect and praise those that play the game. For people to simply accept the words of a gossip column or newspaper as fact show just how little we question information that we are fed. In other words, let's not start casting stones, until you hear both sides of the story. SORRY FOR THE LONG RANT.

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A? B? C??? if the lady is not a minor then why all the secrecy? If it's a crime then it should be public record.

her Ex cheated on her, so i'm sure she suffered more at the hands of her EX than for the 15 minutes she hung out with Oshio.

i guess things got carried away, and Oshio acted negligently. He should not be given a slap on the wrist.

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Look..I can't say it explicitly without having my comment deleted but one of his clubbing buddies is the son of a very famous rugby-lover in Japan.He is being kept out of the limelight for this very reason.Justice is not equal in this country and he rubs in the right circles.This is all common knowledge these days to everyone,it seems, but the Tokyo Police.

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Just imagine if Oshio had been the one who died and the girl walked away. By the way, nothing has been said about what they were doing while on the drugs, as if they weren't making full-blown woopy. Even then, the guy doesn't call the emergency ambulence?

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nothing has been said about what they were doing while on the drugs

Nothing has been said about who the girl is, so who cares what she was doing?

The girl and her ex-husband are not even identified in the story. Unbelievable. Maybe in the future no one will be identified in news stories.

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