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Miyazaki regarded his execution as 'misunderstanding'


Serial child killer Tustomu Miyazaki, 45, was executed on June 16, two years and four months after the Supreme Court finalized his death sentence in February 2006, ending a trial process that had lasted 16 years. As in every execution case, Miyazaki's execution started a debate between those for and against the death penalty.

Author Shinobu Yoshioka says, “The judgment by the court was not persuasive at all. Without any clarification of the case, everything has been shut down.” Sociologist Kazuya Serizawa adds, “The timing of his execution was to reassure the public in the aftermath of the Akihabara stabbing rampage.”

What did Miyazaki himself think of his pending execution? In July, 2006, he wrote to monthly magazine Tsukuru and called capital punishment “an inhuman criminal act.” He said: "It must be ghoulish when the trapdoor opens and I drop through it. Every prisoner is forced to feel terror after being told of their execution by prison staff on the day, which is inhuman.”

However, some insiders say Miyazaki didn't seem frightened before the execution. In May, a friend of Miyazaki visited him and found he was interested in cartoons. A former inmate of the same prison says, “Miyazaki purchased photo books of young kids and girls' magazines every two weeks.”

“He had a blank face when I visited him,” says Kazuhiro Hasegwawa, a clinical psychotherapist and professor at Tokai Gakuin University. “About his killing four girls and dissecting them, he told me 'Kids are happy (to be dissected)'. He looked like he thought the execution was a misunderstanding or something. He wasn't frightened at all. I think his feelings didn't change at all until the last minute before the execution.” (Translated by Taro Fujimoto)

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Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Couldn't help noticing that he had free access to kiddie-porn while in prison.

“Miyazaki purchased photo books of young kids and girls’ magazines every two weeks.”

I guess if the plan is to kill him, there is no point in trying to reform the guy.

Adios, we won't miss you.

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Kids are happy to be dissected? My creepy meter just went through the roof

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And the point of this (mini) article is ? It seems as though Japan Today is publishing a Miyazaki story every few days or so. Yet again, the same boring old formula of shock and provocative journalism to boost a readership. Maybe we should think of the souls of those four little girls who were murdered.

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"He said: “It must be ghoulish when the trapdoor opens and I drop through it. Every prisoner is forced to feel terror after being told of their execution by prison staff on the day, which is inhuman.”" - Miyazaki

Uh, sorry dude, he gave up his right to call anything inhuman after what he put those children through. What he had done to him was far more humane than anything he did to them.

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This guy truly deserved the death penalty. I wish he`d found peace and repentence before his death, but still he needed to be executed with or without repentence. It would have been the worst injustice ever to these innocent girls and their families to have let him off without death.

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In July, 2006, he wrote to monthly magazine Tsukuru and called capital punishment “an inhuman criminal act.” He said: “It must be ghoulish when the trapdoor opens and I drop through it. Every prisoner is forced to feel terror after being told of their execution by prison staff on the day, which is inhuman.”

Killing children is "an inhuman criminal act". I hope they kept his hood off when they opened that trap door- he deserved to see what was coming.

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Read the Wikipedia article on him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsutomu_Miyazaki

Hanging was too quick. Surely would have been a suitable medieval torture for him

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one less to worry about.. good riddance

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I remember the time this depraved individual carried out these horrible crimes. Why it has taken so long to try him and punish him, I have no idea. The Japanese "justice" system is bizarre, and the fact that this monster was able to continue his depravity behind prison bars, reading books about young kids, is just sick.

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I just can't believe there was ever any argument whether he should be executed! Disectting 4 kids pretty much doesn't allow for much argument!

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I'm against the death penalty for a number of reasons but every time someone like Miyazaki comes along and says things like kids like to be dissected I have to re-think my stand. If Miyazaki could get his kiddie porn in jail and actually believed his victims 'liked' it, then what is the point of having him around? People like him are never going to suddenly wake up one day and say, "Ooops. I guess I shouldna done that." Makes one wonder what is going on in what some would call his 'brain.'

I grieve for his victims and wish him a pleasant journey.

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I am so tired of the Death Penalty Argument. Follow me on this it may seem like a weird argument but open your mind and think about it. Statement: Society supports and condones the murder of innocent people. Why: Well, if society really cared and wanted everybody to be safe then society would do everything in its power to make sure that was a reality. But taking guns away and taking away the right to kill an intruder or let families exact justice on murders or any of the other countless weapons that have been taken away from the innocent all in the name of whatever. All these laws do is prove that society will support your murder. But yet a man can go into a school and kill innocent children and society is all the sudden to good to kill this guy. What is that about? WHY!!! Society supports your murder no question about it. But the murderer has all the rights after your dead. They may eventually kill him but he still has rights. This is just wrong.

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Borscht: Wish him a pleasant journey? R U insane? I wish that he burns in hell for eternity. Here is the old saying "if it was your relative you wouldnt feel that way" The government supports your murder by not protecting you or giving you the right to protect yourself. The government and society will protect a freaking owl and throw humans in jail for harming that owl. But they wont protect you for anything. You really should rethink this. Murder and death are just a part of life and if we decide to remove people who live amongst us that are bad its just a function of evolution so that we as a species are able to propagate. only the smart and well behaved should carry on this journey. So what if these scum are killed. nobody will care in 1000 years no different then we dont care who was executed a 1000 years ago. We are only here today because our ancestors were able to defend themselves and their families. Unlike today you have to call 119 while your being stabbed to death. People really need to rethink this whole think and start arming each other. The proof is out there more weapons does not equal more crime it equals a fair playing field. Guaranteed mutual destruction. Ask yourself why does the U.S. government keep nukes? so that we guarantee mutual destruction of russia and ourselves. Now that very concept keeps things peaceful. So if its good for the government then why is it not good for the people?

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stucknhere - Are you seriously suggesting that the likes of Miyazaki should be armed, so that they can carry out even more harm and mayhem? Or is it your position that the little girls he killed should have carried a firearm with them to kindergarten? Or are you saying that 'the government' should provide every 4-year-old child with a personal armed escort, 24/7?

Yes, your rant does indeed seem like a weird argument. Very, very weird.

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16 years is too long.

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Cleo: im sayn that if there were armed guards at the school he would have never got to the kids, He may never have even thought of doing it in the first place. So, think of it like this. If a school is open for a killer like this to get into then why are these pathetic screwballs who scream about the death penalty not screaming that these kids can be hurt? Because they only care about the criminal, nobody cares about the victim. If they did this wouldnt happen. The death penalty works its just the bleeding heart wimps (the same ones that dont dicipline their Doctor Spock kids) cant stomach the fact that it does and they will say and do anything to prove their point.

<strong>Moderator: Please tone down your rhetoric toward other readers. </strong>

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Yo, this dude didn't go into schools to get his victims, he abducted them from playgrounds and streets.

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stucknhere -

Miyazaki did not take the little girls from school.

The first one he picked up in his car.

The second one he picked up in his car.

The third one he picked up in his car.

The fourth one he picked up in his car.

The fifth one was saved when her father found Miyazaki taking lewd photos of her in a field.

Putting armed guards in the schools would have saved not one of those little girls.

Please try to get your facts straight before you rant.

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Cleo. I have no idea how you followed all that, but I applaud you. I couldnt understand half of what he/she was saying even if the grammar and punctuation had been accurate. I used to spout nonsensical rhetoric when I was 13 too. I do believe a better mental healthcare system in Japan would help cutdown on these types of horrible crimes. Making weapons more accessible would, of course, only increase violent crime.

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The proof is out there more weapons does not equal more crime it equals a fair playing field

hahahaha that is absolute NONSENSE!

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I am Happy that we live in a country that have death penalty and I am happy that we live in a society that have a very strict gun control. Also the trial lasted 16, because no one have to have any doubt that he is guilty and deserve it.

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'Inhuman'? 'Inhuman'!? That monster doesn't have the right to say what's inhuman or not.

This article fails to mention some of the more important details of his crimes. After he grilled their wrists in his back yard he devoured one of his victim's wrists. Another victim he watched rot over a period of weeks then sent left the bones for the parents.

And they're going to let HIM say what is or isn't 'inhuman'!!???

Where is this world going?

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Good lord gurugurugaijin, where did you get that information? That is horrid. I agree with you.

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A while back before the internet became inundated with useless information and Wikipedia wasn't the go-to for everything/anything, I found an article that described Miyazaki, his life and life-style and the murders in meticulous detail. An attempt to find it on Google proved fruitless BUT I did find a recent article that references those facts:


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That monster was "inhuman:, he was without remorse until the very end. The death penalty was made for sickos like him.

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