Osaka's symbol Kuidaore doll on sale


One of the symbols of Osaka is a mechanical doll in Dotonbori, Osaka. Not many people know it is a mascot character of a restaurant behind where stands but those who visit Osaka never forget to take photos with him. The doll has an official name: Kuidaore Taro. Kuidaore means “to ruin oneself by extravagance in food.” He has been there since 1950. But he is on sale now because the restaurant will be closed.

Since the owner announced the restaurant would be closing, a lot of individuals and companies from all over the country have offered to buy Kuidaore Taro. For example, Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka, the Hanshin Tigers baseball team and some local municipalities say they want him. No one's saying, though, how much they would pay for Kuidaore Taro.

The current owner said, “I get a lot of offers everyday and we are very busy talking with prospective buyers." But he declined to disclose his asking price.

Economist Takuro Morinaga says: “When artist Takashi Murakami made a life-size figure, it was sold for 100 million yen at an auction. A famous and unique doll can be worth that much sometimes. In addition, if the owner of Kuidaore Taro requests royalties for some goods like key chains featuring the doll, it could be worth 30-40 million yen every year.”

So even though the current owner is closing its business, Kuidaore Taro cannot retire yet. (Translated by Tao Fujimoto)

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I had my picture taken with him not knowing what it was. Just thought it looked unusual.

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Love this guy. Loved the restaurant too. Sad it is closing. Isn't the restaurant closing because the building housing it is so old? Definitely an icon of Osaka.

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He looks creepy...

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It appears the owner’s son do not want to continue retiring daddy’s business. I wonder why they don’t sell the business to a third person to continue the restaurant operations.

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poor city, Osaka, which only symbol is this! I've eaten twice there. Any place is far better, despite it's pretty cheap.

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In fact, this restaurant is a tourist place. Locals usually do not eat at this place. Their neighbor (Dotonbori Street) is rather famous for tako-yaki and ramen. I personally like restaurants along the Suo-machi street (周防町筋) in Shinsaibashi. I believe Nova’s oldest school used to be on the Suomachi.

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sad that the restaurant is closing, just got back from japan from a 4 weeks vacation and saw it at Osaka.. took a couple of pictures of it also...

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The Tigers should play him at 3rd base instead of Kentaro Fujimoto.

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Sekimoto, dammit.

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