Spurned women wreak vengeance


A woman bent on revenge will stop at nothing, Spa! finds. Tit-for-tat is not enough. She wants “vengeance 100-fold.” More often than not, she gets it.

Koichi, 29, seems an inoffensive fellow -- a straight arrow at work, a gentleman at all times. His ex-girlfriend -- we’ll call her Meiko -- was three years older than he, and ready to get married. He hemmed and hawed. Then her father died, and she sobbed into the phone, “I have nowhere to go now!” Koichi’s heart melted. “Move in with me,” he said.

He’s in the construction business, and just around then, things got very busy at work. He’d be at the office until the small hours -- weekends too. Meiko was convinced he was having an affair. She accosted him: “It’s your fault my nerves are in shreds!” Late one night, Koichi awoke suddenly to find all the windows open and Meiko standing over him with a carving knife. He managed to calm her down, but from then on, living with her was intolerable.

She agreed at last to leave -- if most of the furniture went with her. Koichi went along. Then she phoned him: “I can’t work because you destroyed my nerves; you’ll have to pay my rent.” He gave her 500,000 yen on the condition she leave him alone thereafter. So far she has, but Koichi naturally wonders: “What did I do wrong?”

Whatever it was, he seems to keep doing it. His next adventure was with another slightly older woman who one evening invited him out for a drink. “Well, I like to drink, so why not?” They became drinking buddies. “One day a friend says to me, ‘Are you going out with her?’ ‘No way!’ I said. I mean -- she’s so homely! I would never sleep with her.”

Not long afterwards, Spa! continues, she told him she loved him. He let her down gently but firmly. The next thing he knew, one of her friends was on the phone. Never mind that it was past midnight; if he knew what was good for him, she said, he would show his face at such-and-such a restaurant on the double.

He did, and faced quite a grilling -- a trial, in fact, with the spurned woman and two of her friends as judges. “Give my life back!” the head judge shrilled.

It was 5 in the morning before Koichi finally made his escape. He probably went straight to work.

Daisuke is a 23-year-old “freeter” (part-time worker) who was careless enough to leave a letter from a casual lover lying around for his live-in lover to see. We’ll call the latter Yuri. “I’m 28 years old,” she said. “If we break up, what’ll I do?”

Daisuke apologized profusely but told her candidly, “I can’t marry you. Maybe we’d better split.”

“OK then!” she stormed, flinging herself out of Daisuke’s apartment.

They’d been together three years, and Daisuke felt sad, but before long, other matters claimed his attention. Strange things were happening in his room. An unaccountable rattle in the air conditioner, long hairs in the bathtub. Data inexplicably disappeared from his computer. His PlayStation memory card vanished. “I was afraid,” he says. “I tried not to think about it.”

One day six months later, he came home and found Yuri in the room, ripping apart his beloved teddy bear with scissors. Suddenly everything was clear. Yuri had copied her key before handing it back to him.

“Weren’t you a little slow figuring out the obvious?” Spa! asks. “Well, yes,” replies Daisuke. “It’s just that… I don’t know, she was always so quiet…”

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hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

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“It’s just that… I don’t know, she was always so quiet…”

Only tangentially related to this article, but have you noticed how almost always it's the quiet types that cause trouble in the end? How many times do you hear "Oh, he/she was such an extrovert, always loud and energetic!" when neighbors of another psychotic murderer are interviewed on TV? It makes me think - maybe we should get rid of some assumptions, and actually change the belief that the silent, meek people are "good" and the loud, boisterous ones are "bad"? Just something to consider, and I'm not even sure what to think about it myself...

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Is that real? It looks like a script for Audition 2. He he!!!

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And the moral of the story is: it can seem cool dating an older woman until she starts freaking out over marriage...

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Why is it older women want to be married?!?!

I had a similar issue with a woman 10 years older than me (hey, what can I say, had to try all the flavors of age, old and new) and she would wake up crying sometimes saying I didn't pay enough attention to her breasts, I didn't call her enough.

Maybe it's just a thing with women becoming crazy after a certain age...

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Maybe it's just a thing with women becoming crazy after a certain age...

It`s when they get to Christmas cake age. They seem to all emphasis on just getting maried.. nutters!

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well guys should not mess with the hearts of woman at marrying age if they don't want to play ball. people need to discuss these things over dating, before getting into bed. then its easy to discontinue the relationship if you can see pitfalls coming in the future without causing any harm. two hearts and minds have to be going in the same direction or trouble like that happens. Plenty of stalker, violent men out there too. my advice to anyone who is feeling this way, get help. you are sick and your behavior is abnormal.

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This is informative...?

I really have to wonder how Japan has one of the best primary education systems in the world....

Somehow I get the impression these aren't isolated cases and in-fact, when it comes to relationships among JN's, this is probably the norm...

Hence, a nation of 12 yrs olds....

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And they say there is something worng with the men! Sounds like it was good the guys got rid of these nutcases!

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And they say there is something wrong with the men! Sounds like it was good the guys got rid of these nut cases!

Just my two cents. There are at least as many nut cases on the other side. Actually, probably more women get harassed than men. Whether you hook the right partner depends on good judgment and secondary on plain LUCK!

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There's the straight dope boys, make sure of your woman's mental standing before you bed her or worse move in with her. It's definitely not all spurned women but I bet every guy here has had a psycho at some point.

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Daisuke is a 23-year-old “freeter” (part-time worker) who was careless enough to leave a letter from a casual lover lying around for his live-in lover to see.

Sorry, THIS guy got what he deserved.

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These articles must translate badly or something they read like a soap story.

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yea, there's probably a PSYCHO in one of every 10 women a man might date. there's a larger percentage of women than men who take to surreal levels.

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Thank God! I thought all of this great content in English was going to be lost with the demise of Waiwai...

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I know of several guys to whom some of these events described have happened. No matter if you tell a JN woman up front (or any other nationality for that matter) on where you will stand on the relationship, you will probably get the "crazy act" at some point if things don't go her way.

Psycho men seem to be on the rise, if you look at the spate of recent stabbings by men, especailly the one where the jilted boyfriend stabbed and burned his spurned lover.

My advice, it is cheaper in the long run to just go find the nearest "massaggge" girl standing on the corner, go there and then go home. You save yourself money and hassle in the long run.

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Gee, the past come to life for a moment? I had a real doll of a girlfriend many, many years ago. 38 and a real bombshell. Divorced, two kids almost grown up and she had marriage in mind and much worse; a key to the apartment... There was just this "something" I couldn't put my finger on and despite the presents, beer stocked refrigerator and good times I pulled the plug and elected separation.

That's when the serious stuff started. I came home once and found every shirt, tie and pants razor shredded. Hey, I looked like a Fijian traffic cop! Kinda funny if it hadn't been so expensive. Another time the phone was off the hook after a weekend away and when I picked it up I heard: " The current time in NY is and the forecast for today is..." The bill was horrendous and then after finally wizening up, changing the lock, the 1:00 am silent phone calls for years.

So yeah, the psychos are still out there still it seems.

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I like the rather apt ads that go with this article.

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