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Charges are hidden, sometimes small enough, that you don't notice how they're adding up


A plump child, she grew into a plump adult. It would not do. She must reduce. She tried dieting. But food is so tempting! But a society geared to satisfy every desire recognizes even the curbing of desire as a desire to be satisfied – at a price of course,… Read


Police practice of stopping and questioning comes under media scrutiny


"Do I look that suspicious?" asks the headline on the cover of Shukan Kinyobi (March 29). The sub-head reads, "Racial discrimination by police who stop and question people who appear foreign." The article concerns shokumu shitsumon, or shoku-shitsu for short, the police term for stopping and questioning individuals on the… Read


Domestic migrant workers traveling to areas in Japan where the pay is good


Japan is on the move, the nation is reconfiguring, workers are migrating – go north young man/woman, to Hokkaido, to Niseko; or south, north, east or west to Kyoto, Tokyo, Saitama, wherever, opportunity knocks, no or few skills required, drift here and do this, there and do that, and go… Read


Suburban Musashino line in Tokyo now number one in train groping incidents


The JR Saikyo line, which began service in 1985, long held the dubious reputation of being the Tokyo metropolitan area's worst in terms of frequency of groping assaults on female commuters. But more recently the line, which connects Omiya in Saitama with Shinagawa in Tokyo via the major rail terminals… Read


Japanese generally sleep badly - why, what effect does it have on body, mind and country as a whole?


Sleep to the sleepless is the most precious thing there is. Deprived of it, you’d give anything for it. Ask any insomniac, if you’re not one yourself. Odds are high you are, if you’re Japanese. Japan, says the fitness magazine Tarzan (April 11) citing a 2021 OECD study, is the most sleepless… Read


New consultation service aims to assist 'second virgins' in revitalizing their sex lives


From several decades ago, the expression "second virgin" came to be applied in various contexts, one of which referred to women who found their first sexual experience so traumatic that, figuratively speaking, they reverted to their previous virginal state. Another usage is applied to people of both genders who for… Read


Adult siblings fall out over infirm or deceased parents: Who nurses them? Who inherits the property?


“Close as sisters,” we say; “brotherhood of man;” “liberty, equality, fraternity;” as though “fraternity” represented the closest relationship there is, symbol of the human family united in love triumphant over forces of rivalry, contempt and hate that make of history what it so unspeakably is. We know better but speak… Read


Smoking: a costly habit in search of a home


This coming October, the Tokaido Shinkansen will fete its 60th anniversary. With an unparalleled record for speed, safety and efficiency since its initial run on October 1, 1964, it has much to celebrate. Not content to rest on their laurels, the trains in its network have continuously made changes to… Read


Spouse-seeking market saturated with fraud


The pitfalls littering the road to marriage are deep, wide, many and costly. Watch your step, warns Spa (March 12). Social life is not what it used to be. For some, increasingly numerous, life is hardly social at all. Personal fulfillment that takes no account of others is an increasingly… Read


Sumo showdown: Will this be Miyagino's last stand?


On February 23, the Japan Sumo Association announced that Hokuseiho, a 22-year-old wrestler from Mongolia belonging to the Miyagino stable, would retire from the sport due to numerous allegations of mistreatment of lower-ranked members at his stable. Hokuseiho joined the rolls of high-ranked Mongolian grapplers forced out of sumo due… Read

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