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Lanky, brooding Superman for contemporary world


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That cover makes him look emo, ha!

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superman has sold out

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Much of the point of Superman was his "Boy Scout" character; that started to wear thin as far back as the 1980s. Into the second decade of the 21st century, it don't fly at all anymore. Not sure why anybody even cares; Superman is obsolete. Why make him into Batman? Stick him in the museum where he belongs, or just go completely retro & leave him in the 1930's.

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Good point about making him into Batman. The latter is the tortured, human character who chooses to fight evil. Superman is, literally, that ubermensch removed from the agonies of mundane life. This seems more like CPR than reinvention.

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How could DC do that to Superman!? Messrs. Siegel and Schuster (Superman's creators) must be rotating in their graves!!

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So they give Supes a hoodie and that makes him "contemporary"? The many attempts to make Superman relevant (read: boost sales) have always fared much worse than similar attempts to do the same for Batman and seemed much more transparent (the whole Superman Dies thing many years back). Call it what it is--"we want Twilight readers' money."

All-Star Superman is the alpha and omega of Superman for me. Twelve issues that perfectly distill the character, with fantastic art from Frank Quitely. If you had never read a single Superman story before and never read one afterward, Grant Morrison's brilliant take would still be all you ever need. Not exactly good news for ongoing sales, but true.

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I was always a Marvel fan myself, never found Superman interesting. I suppose he was great when he first came out, since he was "new" at that time, but his powers etc are too cliched now, and quite frankly, almost a parody- the last movie they made where he got shot in the eye and the bullet bounced off.


DC comics always had the WORST names for their heroes/villains. K.G.Beast, N.K.V.Demon, Calendar Man, Earl of Greed, Condiment King, Mindgrabber Kid, Weather Wizard, Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard are some that are just... sad.

Are they going to make Super-Dog a Pit Bull?

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Better than that putting underwear outside look.

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i can't wait for Warner Entertainment Japan to bring this version to the big screen

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Why not give Supe an edge like this ? Let's see what he gets up to before we grouse about it.

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Smallville is in its 10th season. I wouldnt call him obsolete just yet.

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I was always a Marvel fan myself, never found Superman interesting.

True, but DC has better comic movies and real life movies than DC. Fantastic Four, Ironman, and X-Men were good, but their in the comics their storylines can last for a few issues, and don't necessarily translate well to the big screen (i.e. FF4 and the Silver Surfer/Galactis needs more than just the one movie to get properly told).

But where DC may have some cliched heroes, they have made their animated movies very interesting and not so much "kiddie like."

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