'Hand Solo': the one-armed boy who built a Lego prosthesis

By Rosa Sulleiro and Julien Sengel

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So inspiring!!! What an absolute champ!

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“Well Done!” David Aguilar. - Legos can be difficult with two hands and he was able to create such an innovation with one hand.

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Inspiring turning his disadvantage into innovations into a “god-send” for another child. The child even now calls it “My” hand:

“Made entirely of Lego, the lightweight device has a pincer-like grabble at the end which Beknur can control…

"Now I can grab things with my hand, before I couldn't," beams Beknur, throwing a ball to his brother. Having that extra bit of independence has really helped, his mum says.

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Please continue your good work to help others, David Aguilar! -

- “If I did it for Beknur, why not for any other boy or girl who's missing an arm or a leg or a foot?" he says, his eyes alight with ideas” -

Would gladly donate to a “GoFundMe”, “Kickstarter”, etc. - LINKS ? -

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Good for him.

Would have thought he would have been better using Meccano?

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He does have Facebook if you want to learn more.

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What an amazing young man! It just goes to show that the only limitations are in our minds and that with the right amount of motivation and the right attitude, humans can accomplish almost anything!

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