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'Mask Police' hero fights COVID-19, promotes masks, positive image of host clubs

By Ben K, grape Japan

L's Collection is a successful host club management company owning 19 clubs, most of them in Tokyo, and mainly in the legendary Kabukicho entertainment district.

When the novel coronavirus pandemic hit Japan, the adult entertainment industry was initially excluded from the government's aid package, a move which was blasted on Twitter and other platforms as being a form of employment-based discrimination. In calling it "unworthy" of receiving funds, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reflected the kind of negative bias the industry continues to face.

A new hero is born

This is an image that L's Collection wants to do their part to improve, all the while contributing to the fight against the coronavirus.

According to their press release, the company "has been working to raise awareness of the spread of the new coronavirus infection among young people, people involved in the host industry, customers and employees, as well as cooperating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and experts."

To this end, they launched a new hero, "L's Collection Mask Police", who was "born to patrol L's Collection clubs and thoroughly implement anti-virus measures for wearing masks, hand-washing and gargling."

In a video for the campaign, Mask Police is seen fighting the invisible scourge of coronavirus, handing out masks and promoting the use of anti-bacterial spray, among other things.

At the end of the video, a message appears apologizing for anyone who may be offended by its jocular approach, explaining that this was the way L's Collection felt it could communicate this important message in a tone most suited to their company.

Now all we need is a super-heroine to protect the hostess clubs and the two can join forces.

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I bet a lot of handcuffs are used in Kabukicho.

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They are useless at best, and downright humiliating.

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Just stay home. That's what I do. No need for masks.

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Mask Police needs to get together with Little Miss Period and form the dynamic duo of idiotic mascots.

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This face mask guy isn't wearing the proper face mask. I can see part of his chin.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

I prefer Tokyo Miniskirt Police.

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