10 everyday items inspired by food that look good enough to eat

By Steven Simonitch

Everyone has their own comfort food; a meal that brings you back to better days and fills the void in your heart and stomach. But how about food that provides real, physical comfort?

From curry futons to ice cream cone lamps, here are 10 unique food furnishings from around the net that are sure to add a little relish to your everyday life.

Most of the items on this list were put together by user misizu at Japanese image and information sharing website Naver Matome. While many of the items are indeed purchasable, you can be sure that none of them are actually edible.

1. Hamburger Bed

The Hamburger Bed got quite a bit of publicity back in 2009 when it was created and subsequently sold off in a charity auction by Kayla Kromer. Only one bed was ever made and it now rests in the Hamburger Museum in Daytona Beach, Florida, though it is up for sale at the whopper price of $25,000.

2. Curry Rice Futon

The Curry Rice Futon was created by 24-year-old Japanese web-designer Junko Shimizu for the Tama Art Festival in Tokyo in 2007. It was later on exhibition at the 2007 Design Festa, an art event held biannually in Tokyo and the biggest of its kind in Asia. No word if this tasty-looking bedding is up for sale, but you can try contacting Shimizu via Twitter if you’re interested.

3. Pizza Sleeping Bag

Be the envy of all your friends during your next camping trip with the Pizza Sleeping Bag, a 3 x 6 feet slice of custom-made comfort. The sleeping back is handmade using recycled quilts and even comes with the option of broccoli, olive, mushroom and/or pepperoni topping pillows. For more information, check out the artist’s shop on Etsy.

4. Vegetabrella

The Vegetabrella comes from Japanese umbrella maker Tokyo Noble and looks like a green and wrinkly fresh head of romaine lettuce. They’re sold at 4,725 yen a head and can be purchased online at Nihon Ichiban.

5. TIROL Chocolate Kotatsu

Anyone who has spent a winter in Japan should be familiar with the kotatsu, a low, wooden table covered by a heavy blanket with an electric or charcoal-fueled heater underneath.

Back in 2008, Japanese chocolate maker TIROL gave away 300 kotatsu designed after their product’s signature wrapping to celebrate their 30th anniversary. It’d be pretty difficult to get your hands on one of these now, but the charming design makes us wonder why more Japanese companies don’t make kotatsu using their own logo. It’d be great product placement considering how difficult it is to pull yourself out of the kotatsu on a cold winter day.

6. Sushi Memo Block

Designed by Japanese artists Kenjiro Sano, Sushi Memo Block are the perfect stationery for sushi lovers. They can be purchased at 1,890 yen for a four-pack here, but you’ll need to know a bit of Japanese to get around the site. Bonus cool points if you can name the four kinds of sushi.

7. Takoyaki Golf Balls

Takoyaki are small balls of flavored batter filled with octopus that are grilled and traditionally topped with a special sauce and sprinkled with green laver (aonori) and dried bonito shavings (katsuobushi). They are the quintessential street vendor snack in Japan and one of the finest items of Japanese cuisine as far as I’m concerned.

Takoyaki Golf Balls are, well, golf balls that look like takoyaki. They can be found at gift shops around Osaka and other parts of the country and even come with golf tees designed to look like toothpicks, the utensil used for eating actual takoyaki.

8. Chocolite

The Chocolite was created back in 2007 by Japanese designers Toshitaka Nakamura and Kohei Okamoto and looks like what happens when you hold an open bucket of chocolate syrup upside-down. Chocolite comes in white and black and can be purchased online here for 29,400 yen.

9. Thick-cut Watermelon Slice Wall Clock

Another Japanese design, this wall clock is based off Japan’s favorite summertime snack and looks so real you might be tempted to pick away at the seeds in the middle. This watermelon clock is actually part of a series that includes toast, rice crackers and cake and more.

10. Cone Lamps

Last up are the Cone Lamps by British independent designer Alex Garnett. These sweet light fixtures come in two sizes and two colors at a £45.00 ($70) a pop.

Source: Naver Matome

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The Vegetabrella is clever and original. I'd like to see some of that company's other products.

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"Hamburger Bed... $25,000"

Something is worth... someone finish this for me, please.

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I swear to you, I would have expected America to make something like this with the whole major obeasity outbreak and fat j...forget it.

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No mention of sausages in this article . . .

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