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200 million worldwide use illegal drugs: Lancet estimate


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Ecstasy and LSD need to be included into any study or survey as without including these drugs specially Ex the figures will be skewed.

Drugs are bad.

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Look up the word 'drug' in any dictionary and you will find that it covers a multitude of substances including coffee, tea etc. Certain drugs are only illegal because the powers that be, and i don't mean governments, decide they are illegal. Marajuana is illegal because drug companies want to control the market. The only people who profit from making drugs illegal are criminals, and i include the corporatocracy, the usa, in that statement.

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the corporatocracy or the corruptocracy ?

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soon will not be illegal.

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I am surprised there is not a mob of folks here questioning the numbers of the Lancet because they don't like them! How can there be only 203 cannabis users in the world! Surely there must be more!

The title should read: 200 million use illicit drugs...and most are not bothering anyone!

Especially marijuana being illegal is as bat shiat loony as banning alcohol. Its one of the things I like about Ron Paul. He and Barney Frank drafted legislation to end that stupidity in America.

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i think they should put into the equation of ex and shrooms, and lsd, acid what not, that would prolly change the number of users prolly by twice if not more lol

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